16 Homemade Hair Loss Masks (Info Guide)

Hair loss can be because of many things: pregnancy, physical and emotional stress, excess intake of vitamin A, lack of protein, heredity, and over usage of chemical products. There are some reasons that we can not control. That is why we need to find some solutions to prevent and reduce our hair loss problems.

Apart from cosmetic products, you can easily prepare your own hair loss mask at home with natural ingredients. It will make you happy when you see how fast you will take good results for your hair.

The ingredients you can create hair loss mask are just easy like egg, honey, orange juice, vinegar, and green tea. To see how much options you have to prepare an easy hair loss mask at home, you should read this piece from my writing!

Here are 16 homemade hair loss masks:

1.Oil Hair Loss Mask with Egg and Olive

All you need is 1 egg and 2 tablespoons olive oil for this hair mask. You should whisk the egg first, and then and some olive oil in it. After mixing both very well, you can apply it to your hair. The mixture should remain in your hair a minimum of 20 minutes.

After 30 minutes, you can wash it with cold water. You will see how the mixture will be effective for your hair with its ingredients that are eggs rich in protein and nutrients to nourish your hair and to grow.

The other advantage is that both eggs and olive oil have vitamin B so that you can take the essential intakes for hair growth. If you want to make it smell better, you can also add some honey in your hair mask.

2.Protein Egg Hair Loss Mask

If your hair loss reason is about the lack of protein, in your diet, this hair loss mask would be a very nice idea for you, which is one of the biggest risk factors for hair loss. For example, if eating meat is not a cup of tea, you should search for other ways to take protein. Avocado and coconut oil together is a good choice for it.

You should prepare first 1/2 avocado, 1 egg, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, and 1/2 teaspoon of honey to create your hair loss mask. After mixing all well, it is time to apply it to your hair. You should wait at least 30 minutes. Now only with cold water, but also with the shampoo you should wash it to remove. Now, you are ready with your shiny hair!

3.Hair Loss Mask with Fenugreek Seeds

For southern Europe and Asia, fenugreek seeds are a magical seed. In fact, is one of the oldest cultivate medical plants.  You need just two tablespoons of protein- and lecithin-rich fenugreek seeds for your hair growth. Also, for dandruff problems, those seeds are very effective.

You should soak two tablespoons of protein- and lecithin-rich fenugreek seeds overnight. The day after, you need to ground them into a paste before applying to your scalp.

You can do your chores when waiting for 30 minutes since you need to leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing. After that time, you can rinse your hair. This hair loss mask is worth to try to make your friends jealous of your hair!

4.Egg and Yogurt Hair Loss Mask

For this mask, all you need is only one egg and a half cup of yogurt. The essential Vitamins for your hair like Vitamin D and Vitamin B is what yogurt has, as well as protein. For eggs, they are rich in protein and nutrients with vitamin B. Therefore, this must is so good for your hair growth.

Firstly, you should whisk one egg in half a cup of yogurt and mix it well. And then, you can apply the mixture on your hair and scalp well. Before rinsing off your hair with cold water, you need to wait around 30 minutes.

5.Hair Loss Mask with Banana, Olive Oil, and Honey

For the ingredients of this mask, it can be listed as two bananas, 1 tablespoon honey, and 2 tablespoon olive oil. You should mash bananas into a smooth paste as a first step. And then, you can add 2 tablespoons of olive oil in banana paste. After mixing all well, you can add now some honey in.

It is time to apply now. You should apply this mixture on your hair and wait for almost 40 minutes. After that time, you should rinse it with cold water. Bananas as antioxidants are very beneficial for your hair growth.

You will have healthy hair because of the fact that bananas are rich in potassium, and vitamins. When it comes to honey, it will help to improve the texture of your hairs.

6.Hair Loss Mask with Apple Cider Vinegar and Green Tea

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar with 1 cup cold green tea will boost your hair volume immediately. You will experience to soothe any scalp inflammation, too. To prepare this hair loss mask, you need to combine 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar with 1 cup cooled green tea first.

When you are taking a bath, after shampooing stage, you should pour the mixture over your hair. Then, you can comb through to saturate the strands. However, you should not rinse. There is no step like this for this hair loss mask.

However, If you have white or blonde hair, it might be risky to use this hair loss mask. You can try at first by doing a spot test first to make sure it won’t discolor your strands. If there is no problem, and then you can apply this mask.

7.Flax Seeds and Honey Hair Loss Mask

With quarter cup flax seeds and one tablespoon honey, you can prepare this hair loss mask. Not only the fact that flax seeds control dandruff, but also they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. It helps to promote hair growth. Also, it will make your hair thick.

First of all, you need to soak a quarter cup of flax seeds in water overnight. When it is morning, you will add two cups of water in flax seeds. After that, you should boil it till it becomes thick, and wait for a few minutes.

Then, you should turn off the heat and let it cool. Now, you can add one tablespoon honey in flax seed paste, and apply the mixture on your hair and your scalp. You should leave it for 45 minutes, and rinse off your hair with cold water.

8.Vitamin E Oil Hair Loss Mask

Vitamin E oil with its huge benefits for hair loss will help you a lot. You should massage your head with Vitamin E oil if you want to improve blood circulation in the scalp. It will also help to have hair shiny.

Here is an easy mixture to prepare for you: 2 vitamin E capsules, 1 tablespoon of almond oil, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of castor oil, A few drops of lavender essential oil. First of all, you should mix all the ingredients, and store the mixture in a jar.

Secondly, you can apply the oil mixture on your entire hair and scalp so that you are done with the mixture to leave overnight. You should wash it in the morning instead of immediately rinsing it. When rinsing it off, you should use shampoo and cold water the next morning.

With many benefits like preventing hair loss, and strengthening roots of your hair, this mixture would also fight dirt and wash it away, and play like antioxidants that fight free radicals.

9.Hair Loss Mask With Olive Oil and Ginger

If it is not even with ginger, olive oil is one of the best solutions for hair loss and hair growth because it contains a high level of vitamins. That is why it is very effective to nourish your hair from the scalp to the ends. Moreover, olive oil has the potential to add body to your hair, and it might make your hair thinning in time.

For this hair loss mask, you need to combine the oil with minced ginger or ginger essential oil. It is very easy to prepare. And then, you need to massage this mixture onto your hair.

While you are waiting for between 30 and 45 minutes, you can read your favorite book, or drink your coffee with your mother. After that, you should rinse it.

If you are such a busy person, and if you do not time to wait for that much time, you can leave it on overnight. When you wake up in the morning, you can rinse it. Yet, you should be careful by making sure you wrap it up because you might get oil your be, your pillow, and everywhere else.

10.Hair Loss Mask with Orange Juice

Not only for hair loss but also to make your hair shiny, orange juice is a perfect idea. It has great potential to make your hair thicken and to prevent dandruff problems.

To begin with, you need to do is peel an orange, and juice it in a blender or your hand gadget. And then, you can apply to your hair for 20 minutes. You should repeat it once a week to see the best result. It will also cause our hair to smell nice and fresh.

11.Strawberry Hair Loss Mask

Both hair loss problems and oily hair problems, strawberry hair loss mask work very well. Hair loss is something happened because of clogged pores. By applying strawberry hair loss mask, you will fight with oiliness, and reduce your hair loss by strengthening your hair, and also tightens the pores.

The ingredients for this hair loss mask can be listed as 3-4 fresh strawberries, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, and 1 tablespoon of honey-almond. First of all, you need to blend all the ingredients until you make this smooth.

Secondly, you can apply the mask on your scalp. You should do it very carefully from the roots of your hair to the tips of your hair. After that, you should wait for around 20 minutes. And lastly, you can wash your hair with cold water to rinse it.

12.Onion and Honey Hair Loss Mask

Only with onion and honey, you can have a magnificent hair loss mask. While honey nourishes your hair and your scalp, onions stop premature graying of your hair with the feature of being rich in antioxidants. Moreover, onions produce collagens that your scalp need for new hair follicles to grow with rich sulfur in it.

It is very easy to make this hair loss mask. To begin with, you need to grind one big size onion and get out onion juice in a bowl. After adding honey in this onion juice, it is ready to apply.

You can apply this mixture on hair and scalp and, and wait for 30 to 40 minutes. After waiting, you can rinse your hair with cold water.

13.Beer Hair Loss Mask

It sounds you interesting but it is a fact that beer helps to supply protein, biotin, and sugar to the damaged hair follicles. Thus, we can say that it is an excellent conditioner if you need to stop hair loss. Also, it will make your hair shiner and will add volume to your hair.

During taking a bath, and shampoo your hair, you need to pour some beer on your hairs. After that, you can cover your split ends carefully. Now, you should stir for like three to four minutes, and rinse your hair with cold water.

14.Hair Loss Mask With Rosemary and Nettle Tea

This hair loss one is not known by many but I ensure it will work for your hair. You need only two things: 3/4 cup fresh rosemary and 1 nettle tea bag.

You should create a spritz with 3/4 cup fresh rosemary and 1 nettle tea bag to 1 cup boiling water. After the water is already boiled, you should remove it from heat and steep for one hour.

After waiting for one hour to steep, now you can strain in order to allow it to cool definitely. There are two options for you here; you can apply whichever you want.

The first one is that you can pour over hair, and after that, you should combine through to saturate strands for 10 minutes. After that minutes, you should wash and rinse it with shampoo.

The second one is to pour into a spray bottle. You need to spritz on wet hair and leave on overnight. You should wrap your hair carefully so that it will not mess ad color your pillow textile. in the morning, when you wake up, you can wash it with your shampoo.

Whichever the techniques you choose to apply, you will see how this combo help thicken your hair and promote new hair growth in a short time.

15.Mayonnaise Hair Loss Mask

It might disgusting to you when you hear the idea of using mayonnaise for your hair at first. However, because of the egg properties in mayonnaise provide the nourishment your hair needs.

It will also make your hair soft and shiny when making your hair grow longer in time. The first thing you need to is to damp your hair with lukewarm water. The tip here is that you should avoid to soak it. After that, you are ready to apply the mayonnaise onto your scalp and hair.

You can mix it until whenever you want. Now, you need a hair cup or plastic hair wrap in order to wrap your hair. It should stay like 20 to 30 minutes. During this period, you should bear the smell if you are from shoe people who do not like the smell of mayonnaise. And then lastly, you can rinse it by using a mild shampoo.

16.Curry Leaves Hair Loss Mask With Coconut Oil

This hair loss mask will help you to reduce hair fall by moisturizing and nourishing hair.

The ingredients are 10-12 fresh curry leaves, and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil to prepare this hair mask at home. First of all, the thing you need to do is to heat the curry leaves in the coconut oil until they pop. After that, you should wait until the oil has come down to a warm temperature.

Now, you can apply it to your scalp and hair. Before rinsing off with a shampoo, you should keep it on for 20 minutes and then rinse off with a shampoo.

Other Subsistence for Hair Loss

Argan Oil

Argan oil has an important role for your hair. In old times, it was used as a treatment for a variety of skin diseases, especially for a scalp plagued by dandruff and irritation.

Today, you can use a shampoo with argan oil, or you can drop in your shampoo so that you can benefit this oil with rich in natural phenols that are beneficial to your hair follicles.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera is a strong plant to protect the skin on the scalp and stimulate new growth of hair. With the ingredients named proteolytic enzymes, it is able to repair dead skin cells on the scalp.

Moreover, Aloe works as a conditioner, and prevents itching on the scalp, and reduces dandruff. You should try it as soon as possible.


Are you also coffee addicted? If you are, you might not think to use caffeine other than drinking but the thing is that caffeine is very important as hair loss treatment.

Also, caffeine could encourage hair cells to produce more hair. You can find many shampoos, conditioners, and sprays including caffeine to treat your hair loss problems.

Cocoa Butter

For any skin issues, cocoa butter is essential. It is favored also for hair because it has the ability to penetrate the deep layers of the skin and nourish it from within.

In fact, when you use cocoa butter for your hair loss problem, you will experience that it will prevent your hair loss because of the breakage for individuals with damaged hair.


Biotin is a Vitamin we have heard a lot nowadays when it comes to hair issues. Many shampoos and hair conditioners include biotin that is one of the B vitamins that help with hair and skin health.

When you have a high level of biotin in your body, it provides an essential ingredient in the process of hair growth. because actually hair is made of keratin, which is a type of proteins that are built from amino acids.

Sage Extract

Especially for traditional ways in terms of medical systems, the sage extract is well known to fight hair loss and baldness. It contains beta-sitosterol.

That is why it is effective in treating especially male pattern baldness. In other words, beta-sitosterol that is a 5 alpha-reductase compound helps a lot, especially for men.


You can use jojoba oil and jojoba oil shampoo in order to moisturize your scalp and provide stimulating hair growth. Because jojoba stimulates circulation on your hair scalp, it is successful to bring new blood to hair follicles.

Macadamia Nut Oil

Compared to other hair loss oils, macadamia oil might be rare for you. However, many hair loss products include macadamia oil because it is quiet nutritive, reconstructive, and hydrating properties.

For instance, the squalene inside as a naturally occurring antioxidant reduces the oxidative stress on the skin and scalp, which prevents loss of moisture.

Moreover, the fatty acids in macadamia oil will help make your hair strong, and shiny. In fact, it will nourish the level of the hair follicles so your hair loss will reduce and brittle strands.


It is a natural astringent to helps promote circulation around follicles and hair shafts. Meadowsweet also can clarify your scalp.

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil as a natural sunscreen protects your scalp from harmful UV. The second function of sesame oil is that it improves the circulation of blood in your scalp.

Therefore, it promotes hair growth by penetrating in the deep layers. If you want to heal chemical damage coming from your shampoo and your hair conditioner, you can prefer sesame oil that supplies nourishment to your hair shafts and follicles.

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