About Savaş Ateş

I founded Good Hair Transplant in 2018. Although I had dense hair in high school and university period, my hair began to dilute after I started to work. I think it’s both the effect of genetic factors and the effect that I did not pay enough attention to my hair when I was young.

When my hair started to fall out at the first stage, I tried to research various products and methods. I have tried various products, received advice from barbers, and exchanged ideas with various hair transplants and skin specialist doctors. I decided to publish my experiences and the products I tried here with the recommendations of doctors. I created this blog to be a good resource for people who might be in similar situations to me. I try to include the opinions of different doctors and people with hair problems. I also intend to share with you new products and technological developments.

As Turkey is at a very important position in hair transplantation and for the treatment and the knowledge of senior experts on this subject around me, I will keep informing you about it. I hope you will solve your hair problems as soon as possible 🙂

Other Projects

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Good Cannabis Guide – goodcannabisguide.com

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