Contributory Factors of Smoking to Hair Loss

Beside countless of damages to the health, cigarette smoking is reported to associate with hair loss. It is well-known that smoking makes aging faster and have harmful influences on the skin. Scientists declare that the pathway from cigarette smoking to hair loss is not formed by one-way. There are lots of damaging side effects of smoking that initiate the hair loss problem among smokers. I researched for indications, progress and any possible tips for reversing this effect.

Can hair loss from smoking be reversed? Since the progress into hair loss because of smoking is multifactorial it is hard to identify the particular reason of hair loss from this habit. However, one most valid hypothesis about the cause of hair loss correspondingly to smoking is attributed to oxidation and increased level of free radical via promoting age-related deformation through smoking. There are some unfortunate damages to the body because of tobacco use but most of the time smoking cessation prevent and undo these effects. If the progression occurs because of the increased level of free radicals and oxidation, then the hair loss from tobacco habit could be reversed. The most important step here is quitting because unless you do not, your body and hair cells will continue to age and be exposed to those harmful chemicals. In any case, quitting it will be beneficial for your skin health in terms of regaining moisture, decreasing the risk of early ages and serious health consequences.

Smoking is suggested to cause an increase harmful materials in the body and damage the DNA of hair so that the hair growth cycle is intervened and results in a resting state by means of inflammations creating an inhibition effect. It is also known that smoking makes the skin wrinkle by causing a decrease of moisture and also contributes gray hair.

Smoking is a serious leading factor to life-threatening diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer, and lung disease. It is also very harmful to the skin. There are a variety of studies investigate the relationship between smoking and skin-related problems.

Among the studies on smoking, findings demonstrate that smoking slows down the healing process, promotes wrinkling, cause early aging and hair loss. The relationship between hair loss and smoking stems from structural deteriorations of hair cells and growth cycle because of the DNA damage that results from smoking. Also, inflammations caused by smoking is another reason for hair loss. Although these effects cannot be observable directly, smoking could be the most problematic reason for your hair loss issue.

Hair Greying and Smoking

Smoking lead to early wrinkling and it makes people’s appearance older than their actual age. There are other conditions like some immune-related disease that is related to early aging but apart from that since smoking has an impact on our biological development processes, it has distinguishable visible signs for early aging like characteristics of facial deformation.

Regardless of age and gender, smoking is strongly associated with gray hair in a number of studies. Smoking pulls the onset of hair graying earlier than it is supposed to be. There is a decline in smoker’s pigment-producing cells that are responsible for hair color.

Our hair color depends on the “melanin pigment” which is produced by melanocytes. Cigarettes include a horrible amount of harmful materials and smoking results in oxidation in the body. Some researchers believe that smoking damage to the melanocytes which is responsible for hair color through the process of oxidation.

Hair Loss and Oxidation

According to experiments conducted by scientists, oxidation is a significant factor for increasing aging. The process of oxidation and an increased level of free radicals in the body lead to a structural deficit in the cellular level. In youth, the body’s mechanism for reversing harms and enduring a balance is stronger than older age.

The difficulty sustaining balance due to aging ends up with structural damage which is directly linked to the physical phenomenon of age. As we get older, our hair will show symptoms of aging as well. Two visible influence of getting older on hair structure is hair graying and hair loss because of a decline in hair production. Research emphasizes the role of oxidation related to decreased defense mechanism for the alterations and free radicals through age-related issues. These investigations make promises for preventing and reversing the hair loss problem.

There are lots of complicated relationship between aging and its influence on appearance. Genetic, hormonal and environmental factors possess a considerable role in the aging of the skin. Oxidation counts to be a valid explanation for these processes and it is encouraged by exposure to sunlight much, tobacco use, and insufficient dietary practices.Accelerating aging with smoking is reasonable when we think about the principle of aging. Smoking is an act that constantly causes oxidation in the body as aging does. Thus, we would see early signs of aging on heavy or long-term smokers. Amount of cigarette consumed also determines the intensity of this side effect.

Suggestions for Reversing Smoking Effects on Hair

Oxidation hypotheses related to hair loss makes it reasonable to consume antioxidants. Use of antioxidants not only beneficial for your hair loss problem but it also slows down the aging process for your skin. Experiments on this topic reveal that the cumulative effect of antioxidants is stronger than a single antioxidant consumption. Thus, having an antioxidant-rich diet make the reversing period faster.

An experiment conducted with mice showed that cigarette smoke causes hair loss in them. Scientists found out that this reflection of cigarette smoking on hair could be reversed by vitamin B6 and additional antioxidants. In addition to that, vitamin B seems to cause an extension in the period of anagen in hair structure which determines the length and span of hair onto the scalp.

Here I listed the nutrition that could be consumed and things to do to reverse the effects of smoking on the body:

  • Consuming high fiber foods: Avocado, raspberries, banana, broccoli, chia seeds, walnuts are examples of high fiber foods. They include high amounts of vitamins and minerals which empower our systems in the body. It also helps to maintain your weight and has a regulatory function.
  • Exercise: Exercise maintains a balance in body processes. It is a strong component for a detox plan because it helps to get rid of the detrimental chemicals due to smoking.
  • Vitamins: Vitamins have a crucial duty for antioxidant functioning. Our physiological processes constantly produce free radicals and some component of defenses of our metabolism act against them. This system regulates this relationship so that free radicals do not exceed. Vitamin A, E, and C are fundamental vitamins for this balance.
  • Water: Drinking sufficient amount of water daily constitutes huge importance for health but it is ignored most of the time, unfortunately. It is well-known that water is also a good detox substitute.

Related Questions

Is hair loss from smoking reversible?

To sum up, there are lots of negative effect cigarette smoking brings about. Hair loss and other skin problems like early aging are other demoralizing effects of it. There are serious permanent damages of cigarette smoking especially to the lung as well as some DNA damage. However, skin related problems seem to be more promising than other diseases.

In one study that is conducted with animals, hair loss problem is induced to via exposure to tobacco. Researchers found that when hair components are applied to them, results changed in favor of hair loss. Those are important elements in the hair cells and after 6 months of exposure animals which are applied to hair elements and vitamin B showed protection against hair loss due to smoking. This study did not apply to human beings, but results are promising for the future.

Will my hair grow back if I quit smoking?

Most of the primary intervention for disease and conditions related to smoking is quitting smoking. Unfortunately, some forms of its harms cannot be reversible and have a cumulative effect over the years like particular values related to lung functionality. There are studies found out that some DNA damage due to smoking causes permanent damage to the body.There is no direct scientific investigation for this relationship to be accurate. Hair loss is examined through various reasons and variables so there is no single study that looks for a reversing effect of quitting cigarette smoking in terms of hair loss.

After quitting and adopting a healthy lifestyle, there is hope for reversing the negative effects of cigarette smoking on skin and aging process. Hair loss is another problem that associates with premature aging because of cigarette smoking. Thus, adopting an antioxidant process and keeping a healthy lifestyle seems to be a wise thing to do because there will be no harm for doing this and it always assures gain.

Can hair thinning be reversed?

Hair thinning reversion depends on the particular reason that causes it. One reason for hair thinning results from Ultraviolet Radiation (UVR) which is also known as a significant factor in aging. UVR exposure causes an increase in the number of free radicals and it gives damage to the skin as well as hair cells.

UVR causes significant extrinsic and intrinsic alterations in the hair structure. It affects both pigmentation and protein of hair cells. Therefore, it has a contribution to the hair growth process. Thus, using sun protection could be both treatment and preventative factor for hair thinning.

  • Finasteride: DHT is a form of a male hormone known to be a threat for hair growth and finasteride is an inhibitor that slows down the process of testosterone to become DHT. Its effects diminish if it is prematurely quitted.
  • Minoxidil: The logic behind the process of minoxidil is directly related to the hair growth cycle. It increases the amount of hair that is in the anagen phase which is the growing stage for hair.
  • Cosmetics: If the medications like finasteride and minoxidil do not work or not preferred, hair products are found to be effective in some cases especially for hair thinning problems. They can also be used in addition to an existing treatment. There are reliable products for reversing hair loss or thinning problem.

These methods work best with the additional adaptations to the habits. Since this is a health problem taking these extra steps makes the outcome better and faster. There are four extra things to empower the treatment of hair loss or hair thinning.

  1. Consulting a specialist: Taking these treatments under the supervision of a specialist or a physician make the process more controlled and reliable. Also, the specialist could make the diagnoses more accurate and the following treatment.
  2. Chemicals: Avoiding the harmful chemicals that are applied to the scalp directly like hair dye operations is a wise thing to do during a current hair loss treatment.
  3. Diet: People who suffer from hair loss or hair thinning problem are supposed to be careful about their diet during treatment. Sufficient amount of food that contains a good nutritive value in the daily diet constitutes importance for the efficiency of the treatment.
  4. Application: Treatments that include direct application to the scalp needs to be well distributed through the scalp. Extra suggestions and knowledge about the risky areas could help to get the best outcome.

Can DHT hair loss be reversed?

DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is a form of a testosterone hormone and involves in the prevention of hair growth. It is known as one of the contributory factors for male pattern hair loss. There are medications and other treatments that reverse the DHT related hair loss problems.

Its treatment includes finasteride and minoxidil. Finasteride inhibits the conversion progress of testosterone to DHT. In most of the cases, finasteride helps to cease hair loss and encourage the growth phase. If you discontinue finasteride prematurely, the treatment effect will diminish. There are side effects of finasteride like all other drugs have. It can cause some sexual dysfunction in men. However, these effects can be reversed when the intake of finasteride stops

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