Eyebrow Hair Loss Causes and Some Treatments

Your beauty must be incomplete without your eyes and eyebrows. Yet, you might experience eyebrow hair loss from time to time. Your eyebrow hairs can fall out because of many reasons such as persistent plucking, overly aggressive application of eyebrow pencils, aging, nutrient deficiencies, pregnancy, and chemotherapy process. 

As well as those reasons above, some certain medications, excessive stress and anxiety, Hansen’s Disease, and hair transplant or microblading might be your reasons for eyebrow hair loss. You should read my article if you want to learn your own reasons for eyebrow hair loss.

You can find a solution as an eyebrow treatment way, and many more by this journey!

What Are the Causes of Eyebrows Hair Loss?

1. If You Have ‘Nutrient Deficiencies’

Nutrient deficiencies might result in eyebrow hair loss since it means you have some missing energy resources such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, amino and fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Almost all of them are important for your health and hair growth. 

This might be also because of a lack of vitamin A or zinc because they are the things decreasing cellular growth and then hinder the production of moisturizing sebum oil. Biotin, Vitamin C  made of collagen development, iron. cysteine, and omega-3 acids are the other things you need for healthy hair growth to avoid eyebrow hair loss problem.

To categorize eyebrow hair loss problems regarding nutrition deficiency, the following nutritional deficiencies can be listed as the main reasons:

Biotin Deficiency: If you do not get enough level of biotin, it might result in thinning hair and a loss of body hair as biotin is a popular hair growth supplement.

Fatty Acid Deficiency: When it comes to fatty acid products, they are mainly fish, nuts, and seeds. If you do not consume them in optimum amount, it may cause eyebrow hair loss at the end of the day.

Zinc Deficiency: This is another reason for hair loss eyebrow related to nutrient deficiency. It is because of the fact that zinc supplements may help with hair regrowth in people with a deficiency. If you have some missing level in your body, the result is obvious now.

2. If You Have Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis) Problem

Eczema is also related to eyebrow hair loss as one of the inflammations of the skin that causes itching, redness, oozing, and irritation since hair follicles are embedded in the skin. 

It is because of prompted by an oversensitive immune system and can show up as a one-time flare-up or an ongoing condition.

3. If You Are Under the Chemotherapy Process

Besides many side effects of chemotherapy to battle cancer, it has also a negative influence on hair growth. The logic behind chemotherapy treatment is that it is designed to go after all rapidly dividing cells, which includes hair follicles.

That is why you might face some hair loss problems including eyebrow hair loss when you undergo chemotherapy treatment.

4. If You Are Pregnant or Gave a Childbirth

Both are the reasons you might encounter eyebrow hair loss problem, which is connected to the hormonal changing you have after those rites of passages in your life. 

That means your body’s biochemistry into a tailspin might get affected by pregnancy and the steps after so these wild fluctuations may disorganized your hair growth cycles and cause a hair loss. There is no need to get worried since it is just temporary hair loss problems and you can apply some treatment methods to hug your health hairs again.

5. If You Have Alopecia Areata Problem

What is Alopecia areata? It is an autoimmune disease related to the immune system. If your immune system has mistakenly recognized some parts of your own body as the enemy, and then it means some attacks at the end. 

The targets of these attacks are, unfortunately, your hair follicles from which individual hairs grow, slowing down or halting hair production. There is no one type of alopecia. Here are some of them:

  • Alopecia areata causes random spots of hair loss.
  • Alopecia Universalis is a total disappearance of all hair.
  • Frontal fibrosing alopecia causes scarring of the scalp along with balding and eyebrow loss.

It is good to get informed about the fact that alopecia is not only effective negatively on eyebrow hair loss but also it might also affect your fingernails and toenails. You should take your precautions as soon as possible if you realize this kind of problem for your body.

6. If You Have Psoriasis Problem

It is an autoimmune disorder which might cause skin cells to multiply so quickly that red, thick, scaly, and even painful patches form. As a result of this, it might be a reason for blocking hair follicles and stopping the growth of your eyebrow.

7. If You Feel like You Are Getting Older- Aging Problem

Especially after the 40s, people start to experience some hair loss including eyebrow hair loss. It is related to the levels of estrogen in women. For men, it is about testosterone dwindle.

Over time, some hair follicles stop producing hair, and the hair shafts become finer. The hair also begins to lose its color, becoming white or gray. You should know that this type of hair loss is just a normal part of getting older, and it is nothing wrong specific to your body.

8. If You Have Thyroid Issues

It is so common to see people suffering from hormonal thyroid problems to experience hair loss eyebrow. It is for the thyroid gland produces hormones that regulate metabolism.

Thyroid issues mean that your gland might produce too much or too little of a hormone. Both options are not pleasant for your body at all. 

While hypothyroidism can also cause fatigue, weight gain, and brain fog, hyperthyroidism often has heart palpitations, bulging eyes, and weight loss. In hypothyroidism, a person may notice hair loss in the outer third of the eyebrow, which is the thinnest part that points toward the ears.

The reasons for eyebrow hair loss related to the thyroid is about that your body falls out of balance because of hormonal imbalance and then it would disrupt a number of normal processes including hair growth. Please know that thyroid-related hair loss is usually temporary, and the hair should return to its usual fullness once thyroid levels return to normal.

Here are some symptoms of thyroid disorders include:

  • dry, pale skin or moist, velvety skin
  • swelling in the neck 
  • coarse, dry, and brittle hair
  • a dry, itchy scalp
  • thick, dry, brittle nails

 9. If You Have Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease)

Hansen’s disease (leprosy) is caused by bacteria and shows up as sores all over the skin. It is common in many countries while some countries do not have such as the United States. As a result of leprosy, the body gets weaker and the hair growth is almost stopped. Therefore, the patient starts to experience eyebrow hair loss.

10. If You Suffer from Telogen Effluvium

Telogen effluvium (TE) is an abnormal loss of hair that occurs when the normal hair growth cycle gets interrupted by hormonal or other changes in the body.

11. If You Have Excessive Stress and Anxiety

Excessive stress and anxiety are always knowns as the passion affecting people’s life so bald. This excessive condition might cause some physiological changes, including reduced oxygen to the hair follicles and fluctuating hormone levels. as a result of this, you might experience eyebrow hair loss.

12. If You Have Contact Dermatitis

It is caused by contact with an allergen or a toxic irritant. When you have it, you might feel itchy or experience a burning sensation. If the area near your eyebrows is affected, it means the inflammation may inhibit hair growth and experience eyebrow hair loss.

13. If You Have Seborrheic Dermatitis

It is usually an ongoing condition caused by a fungus or by an overproduction of oil in the skin. Seborrheic dermatitis surely leads to dandruff, even in the eyebrows.

14. If You Have Ringworm (Tinea Capitis) 

It is a fungal disease-producing red, itchy, raised, ringlike patches, along with oozing and blisters. If it appears over the brows, the hair usually falls out, leaving a bald patch. And then you can have eyebrow hair loss.

15. If You Overuse of Makeup Products

Harsh makeup may cause similar damage when used for extended periods. It might be very dangerous, sometimes even so permanent hair loss problems of an eyebrow. You should be careful about the brands you use for your make-up.

16. If You Experience Hair Transplant or Microblading

Another option is hair transplanting or microblading. This does not enable the regrowth of hair, but it can give the eyebrows a fuller appearance. Therefore, that might be another reason for eyebrow hair loss.

17. If You Are Exposed to Some Medication Side Effects

Some certain medications can cause hair loss as a potential side effect, which can also affect the eyebrows. For instance, valproic acid as an anticonvulsant drug might treat seizures and bipolar disorder.

18. If You Have Some Genetic Conditions

This type is less common but it is still possible. Some certain genetic conditions can lead to eyebrow hair loss such as:

  • Ectodermal dysplasias: This is a group of conditions affecting the skin, hair, nails, and teeth. They can also cause sparse or missing hair in the eyebrows, eyelashes, and other body parts.
  • Netherton syndrome: This condition affects the skin, hair, and immune system. It can cause fragile and easily broken hair, or “bamboo hair.” This condition tends to be present from birth.

What Are the Treatments of Eyebrow Hair Loss?

1.Topical bimatoprost 

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) studies, bimatoprost is a topical treatment that people apply directly to the eyelashes. Apart from that, there are many studies found that applying bimatoprost once per day can bring very promising results.

However, you might face some side effects when you apply this method as a treatment way of eyebrow hair loss. Those side effects can be listed as contact dermatitis, skin hyperpigmentation, and itchy skin.

2. Corticosteroids

Applying steroid creams or ointments can slow hair loss. 

According to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF), studies have shown an improved regrowth of 25% when using strong topical corticosteroids.

People can also get corticosteroid injections to stimulate hair growth. Doctors often administer these injections to help treat alopecia areata. The NAAF say that people generally see hair growth within 4 weeks of this treatment. If you expect something more before this time, you should not get worried about the process.

There are many version of it. In other words, corticosteroids in either topical, injectable, or pill form can be used to treat alopecia areata, eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis by reducing inflammation and immune response.

3. Minoxidil

Minoxidil is another option for eyebrow hair loss treatment. People often use minoxidil and corticosteroids together to treat alopecia areata.

When a person applies a 5% minoxidil solution topically twice per day, it is minimally effective. It may help to combine with corticosteroids to produce better results.

In other words, Minoxidil (Rogaine) is an over-the-counter (OTC), hormone-mediating, a topical medication that is available in versions for men and women, which can restore hormonally stunted growth over the course of several months. You just need to be patient during this time.

4. Acupuncture

This is another treatment way of eyebrow hair loss. It might work to relieve alopecia areata by reducing attacks on the hair follicle bulb so that it will stimulate circulation. As a result of this, you can have again your healthy hair and non-stop hair growth period.

5.Castor Oil

Although it is not common, you can find this option online too. Castor oil works since it is a long-time home remedy for hair growth. It may stimulate the hair follicles by acting on certain hormones.

6. Contact-Sensitizing Chemicals

You can use some contact-sensitizing chemicals because they might be effective for eyebrow hair loss by eliciting an allergic response that prompts hair growth. These chemicals typically have a rash-inducing side effect.

7. Bimatoprost (Latisse)

It treats TE and possibly other forms of eyebrow loss by extending hair growth cycles so hairs have time to grow longer. It may help eyelash growth. 

However, the problem is that it is not yet approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for that purpose. Therefore, it is your choice to trust or not.

Some Products to Prevent Eyebrow Hair Loss

Apart from those treatment ways of eyebrow hair loss, you can find some products in Amazon website to prevent eyebrow hair loss, and make the eyebrow growth process fast. 

Here are some of the products you can try:

1.Castor Oil (4 OZ) USDA Organic 100% Pure Cold-Pressed Hexane-free Premium Quality

First of all, this product is suggested by many experts and doctors because of its ingredients: Hexane-free, Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, Phthalate-free, Gluten-free, Free of GMO ingredients, and Free of synthetic dyes. They are all advantages. Yet, what is castor oil? 

Castor oil is a tasteless and odorless vegetable oil that is extracted by pressing of the seeds of the castor plant. Actually, it is scientifically known as Ricinus communis so you can see this version of its name from time to time. Castor seeds are rich in triglyceride, which is what makes them so valuable.

Castor oil is 100% natural and vegan, which is certified organic by USDA. The reason why this product is recommended a lot is about its qualifies as such promoting hair growth for all hair types and hydrating all skin types. Yet, it is not limited to your hairs! The organic Castor Oil helps grow longer and thicker hair for eyebrow and eyelash.

It has the power to diminish your hair loss and hair dryness, too. It is for sure that you will reach thicker eyebrows, which will make your eyes more defined and more attractive after using this product. Besides, it also prevents premature graying of hair and dandruff and promotes conditioning.

It is also good and must make you feel comfortable to know that it is guaranteed your satisfaction. In other words, if you are not satisfied with the products. you can take your money back with the refund procedure.

Second of all, castor seed oil provides skincare, which il contains undecylenic acid with germicidal and disinfectant properties. It is useful for helping some skin disorders.

If you have some problem with sunburns, for example, you can again use this product as Castor oil is also used to protect burns and wounds from infections. It is extensively used as a skincare agent as it helps in improving acne, pigmentation, and sunburn, and preventing blemishes and stretch marks along with dry skin.

2. Women’s Premium Hair Growth Vitamin

You can find this product with this label: faster hair growth, 2000% Biotin. In fact, it makes your hair longer and thicker. Also, by reversing your thinning hair, you will have again your healthy hair. It is safe to use this one since it is natural with its ingredients such as some superfood vitamins. It is made with safe and natural, plant-based ingredients: keratin, collagen, silica, and horsetail.

You can use it for your hair, eyebrow, and even for your nails to prevent thinning hair even if you do not have kind of hair loss problem just to take some precautions. 

Its biotin complex nourishes hair from root to tip and strengthens nails, enriches the skin, and boosts shine together with its vitamin complex that lengthens and strengthens lashes and creates fuller brows.

3. Natural Hair Growth Oil

This product is a hair growth serum in order to stop thinning hair loss with hair growth treatment oil in. 

When you use this product for your eyebrow hair loss problem, you will see how fast your hair growth again. Its natural healing oil ingredients packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients effectively restore damaged hair follicles and stimulate stronger and faster hair growth on both men and women. You have no reason to hesitate since this natural hair growth oil is ideal for all skin types.

It contains certified organic cold-pressed castor oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil, and Vitamin E oil. A natural substance from trees also known as the miracle compound by world-renown Doctors is a safe carrier agent that brings the ingredients to your scalp faster and speeds up hair growth than anyone oil alone. and all are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, cortisones, alcohols, silicones, and acids.

I am sure it will be worth to try. If it will not work for you, it is still okay since you can take your money back without any damage to your hair because it does not include anything unnatural inside.

4. CHEVEOX Eyebrow Roll-on

This is another product you can use for falling eyebrows. CHEVEOX Eyebrow Roll-on product contains powerful natural herbal extracts formulated to penetrate deep into the hairs. Not only for hair but also for the beard, eyebrows or mustache, you can prefer this product.

It will let your hair to grow back fast, making it darker and thicker. Cheveox growth stimulator will make your hair very strong, bold and bushy at the end of the day. This innovative 100% natural formula helps promote darker, thicker, healthier-looking hair by a simple once a day application!

5. Yeaphy Organic Castor Oil

It is a cold-pressed pure castor oil product for hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, and skin.

This package includes 1*Eyelashes Growth Serum, 5 *pieces eyelash brushes, and 5 *pieces eyebrow brushes. All the beneficial properties are retained perfectly.

The organic black castor oil provides organic, cold-pressed castor bean oil at the highest quality grade to ensure maximum effectiveness, which contains zero additives and is undiluted with zero fillers.

For the eyelash and eyebrow kits, this product allows simple application to eyelashes and brow lines to promote eyelash and eyebrow growth. Moreover, Organic castor oil is Nature’s hair regrowth tonic with nutrients to not only halt hair loss, but also stimulate new growth to eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair.

Not only hair growth but also smooth skin will be your gain. With this product, you can keep your face moisturized and reduce blemishes, acne, pimples, scars, and fine lines without dry skin.

How can you use this product? You should apply 2-3 drops of oil into fingers firstly. After that, you can gently massage into clean hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, scalp or skin, wherever you want to use and have hair loss problem with.

If you want, you may also be applied on dry cuticles and brittle nails as a conditioning treatment. For the best result, you should use this product daily for best results.

6.Eyebrow Growth Serum

Ayurveda Herbal Serum is infused with Amla, Shikakai, and Rosemary ingredients. Furthermore, it is made with olive oil, mustard oil, castor oil, amla, and rosemary oil with actual rosemary herbs infused. 

This product will promote eyebrow hair growth with high in essential fatty acids. by restoring your hair density, it repairs weak eyebrows in a short time period.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant as Another Treatment Way

Eyebrow Transplant surgery is another way to have again healthy eyebrows. It is a very delicate treatment to redefine or replace eyebrows. In other words, eyebrow transplantation is a procedure which involves the taking of the hair follicle cell from the back of the neck and the transplantation of the extracted hair follicles to bald patches on the brown or to the thin brow areas.

 The main concern of the treatment method is to place new hairs at the right angle to create naturally beautiful eyebrows. If you want again an improvement in your confidence and look, you can try this method.

Eyebrow restoration is seen as esthetic purposes which there is no need actually for many people. However, here are some conditions that you need eyebrow hair transplant surgery for sure: 

  • When you have over-spading the congenital inability to grow your eyebrows
  • When you suffer from medical or surgical treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy, and the removal of a tumor or a nevus
  • When you face some physical trauma and accidents that cause scars, lacerations, and chemical, electrical, or thermal burns
  • When you have some self-inflicted injury caused either from over-plucking or from obsessive-compulsive behavior like trichotillomania

There are two main eyebrow hair transplant ways. These can be listed as follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE) made possible using state-of-the-art equipment in modern clinics. the difference between the two can be explained like this:

  • FUT involves the removal of the donor’s hair (strip of tissue) from any part of the body, such as the back or sides of the head and transplanting the hair follicles into the eyebrows. After this, each hair follicle is transplanted in its naturally occurring group of 1 – 4 hairs, called follicular units. A follicular unit contains sebaceous glands, nerves, small muscles, and fine hairs.
  • FUE involves the removal of individual hair follicle units that are harvested from the scalp and are transplanted to the eyebrows. This procedure takes longer but is less invasive, the healing process is faster, and the results are better in comparison with FUT. This way of hair transplant is a proven, minimally invasive outpatient procedure in which follicular unit grafts, consisting of a small number of hair follicles, are individually removed from the genetically stronger areas of your scalp (the “donor” areas) and artistically restored to your thinning areas (the “recipient” areas).

Pros of Eyebrow Hair Transplant

  • Eyebrow hair transplant prevents water or sweat from your head and forehead from entering your eyes.
  • Eyebrow hair transplant prevents dirt and debris from falling and settling into your eyes.
  • Eyebrow hair transplant prevents small insects like ants and tiny spiders from harming your eyes.
  • An eyebrow hair transplant can give you more defined eyebrows, with the right shape and angle or arch.

  • You will have a gorgeous-looking eyebrow in order to complete your look.
  • All of these written above will increase your self-esteem, which will surely contribute to your success a lot.
  • Despite the fact that you get a permanent look, you still have the chance to experiment with different brow shapes using a brow liner. It requires no expert guidance since the eyebrows stay well-groomed and in shape.
  • It is a one-time investment that gives freedom from monthly threading bills.

Cons of Eyebrow Hair Transplant

  • Because it might take about 6 to 12 months for new hairs to grow, you may have some problems if you do not have enough patience. This can be a very long time for people who want instant results.
  • Trimming might be needed to achieve optimal aesthetic appearance, which can be a hassle, especially for busy people. Yet, it is still not something you can not handle.
  • Undergoing another eyebrow hair transplant session will add more hair follicles to your eyebrows, which means your eyebrow hair will appear more tightly packed. 

  • You have to choose carefully the medical center where you undergo eyebrow hair transplantation. Otherwise, you might face many problems. In fact, a good eyebrow transplant is a more cost-effective option than other options because of the medical center options.
  • The results of the wrong choice of experts or medical center might be different for men and women, While they are scars, loss of brows because of burns, having thin and undefined brows, losing a part of the brow, and low brows for men, it might be a bit different for women. For example, they might experience a false cosmetic process, stress-related eyebrow loss, genetic imaging, and low eyebrow.

What to Do After the Eyebrow Hair Transplantation? 

You should take some precautions after the eyebrow hair transplant so that you will have any serious damage related to it. For instance, the grafted hair from your scalp can grow as long as the hair on your head. Therefore, you should be very careful about trimming the eyebrows every month for a natural look.

Apart from that, you should be careful about hitting your head or forehead hard after the surgery. It can be dangerous for the grafted hair as well as the scalp that is stitched after the surgery.

It is not only about physical precautions, but it is also about the food you consume. For example, right after the eyebrows hair transplant process, you should avoid consuming alcohol or smoke.

You should inform your doctor of any ongoing medications or past history of medications before the surgery. If you are very careful about all the steps, I am sure you will have no concern and worries about the process after your eyebrow surgery.

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