Graft Placement of Hair Transplantation: Graft Numbers, the Cost, and Capillary Gratification

Hair transplantation surgery would not be fully done without a perfect extraction of graft. After the diagnosis of severe hair loss, and get started to the surgery process, it is time for the extraction of grafts. There should not be any harmful movements at this point.

If this step is failed, unfortunately, hair follicles will just fall out in a short time. that is why the extraction process is where your doctor and the surgery team should be very careful.

Despite everything, you should not get worried when you face severe hair loss. This problem might be because of age condition, significant weight loss and gain, excessive stress, family history of balding, and some certain medical conditions such as diabetes and lupus.

For the rest of it, and other steps and options, you should keep reading for a successful hair transplant process!

Graft Placement of Hair Transplantation

There are some certain situations where graft preservation must be under. As an optimal temperature to store so that the percentage of hair transplant surgery success would be increased is around 4°C. 

Not a random place, but the follicular units should stay under this degree into a storage solution in a certain time period. How long should they stay to meet properly?  

If you choose the traditional FUE method, this time the extracted hair follicles need to wait there until all get extracted. 

However, if your doctor applies you the DHI method, you should know that it is okay to stay until they are directly implanted into the receipt site since it is when your hair follicles are extracted. 

Equally important, the graft implantation process after storing them in the correct circumstances is where it should be very careful. First of all, the angle of the hair follicles from scalp skin should be determined correctly. Between hairs below the skin and hair, exit angle above the skin is 40° as the com selection, but still, it can vary from person to person. In other words, it can change due to some individual differences.

To demonstrate, if the patient’s hair starting from the front to his back, the angle between hairs below the skin and hair exit might be wider than the optimum one.

In the graft placement process, now it is time to decide where the direction of hair follicles is. Although it might be very hard to determine the direction for some cases, it has the critic value. 

Subsequently, the density of the hair will come to the scene, which is related to the number of grafts. If your dream is to have a high density, you should inform your doctor in advance.

Please be aware of the fact that all steps and all decisions taken during the process will have a big function in your final appearance after the surgery.

Graft Number Needed for the First Time of Hair Transplantation

For the first time of hair transplant, the purpose is to reinforce the frontal hairline so that you can establish a permanent frame which is the most suitable one for your face. It is also aimed to provide the bald area of your scalp with the hair transplant to the vertex transition point.

That is why it is needed hair transplant for the entire area of the scalp that requires coverage. It will help you with the hair restoration if it is necessary.

Follicular Unit Grafts range between 800 and 3200. If your hair loss is mostly on the frontal line, the number of hair graft need is around 800 and 2500, which depends on the area needed transplantation.

Yet, if the main place where hair transplantation is needed is the middle part of your scalp, between 1200 and 1600 would be enough. It might change according to your own condition.

Finally, for the hair falling bottom part or almost all scalp area, follicular unit grafts should be around 2400-3200 to reach the aim targeted from the beginning.

Follicular Unit Excision (FUE)

There are two main hair transplant methods that are chosen mostly. Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) is one of them. IF you are looking for a completely natural-looking appearance after the hair transplant surgery, this option would suit you very well.

To talk about this method shortly, your hairs are extracted individually with this method by using minimally invasive technology. Apart from that, there is no need for stitches, and the tiny extraction sites are easily concealed within three to seven days. It is generally is seen as a good choice for patients who want to wear their hair very short.

Hair Graft with Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) Method

You can choose the hair graft method when you need serious hair loss issue such as androgenetic alopecia. To illustrate, some burnings on the scalp due to any reason, previous interventions might be solved with a correct capillary graft. 

The FUE capillary graft is known as one of the best ways of hair transplantation. What is the reason behind it? 

The reason behind this is about the way how the extraction of follicular units for his next graft in a bald area. The hair follicles that are extracted from the donor area of the patient are chosen according to your individual condition such as the factors of thickness, strength, and length.

What Is Needed for a Successful Capillary Graft Process?

To begin with, the number of hair follicles and the best area to extract needed should be perfectly determined. It is also important to decide where to put the hair follicles for the capillary grafting.

Secondly,  the individual’s own condition or the patient’s health history will decide the angle and depth of the graft. Your doctor should carefully work on this together with his team. Otherwise, the result would not be every time a natural appearance when you look yourself from the mirror.

Subsequently, after deciding from where to where, the scalp needs to be shaved in the donor area because it will make the capillary extraction process easier and fast. It is needed for new hair growth in the future, too.

Fourthly, if you are someone who does not like anesthesia processes, it is very good to know that for the capillary graft of FUE, it requires only a local anesthetic. It provides a painless process for the patient during the extraction and grafting process. 

Later on, after deciding where the donor area is, it is the time actually when the surgery has begun by extracting one by one the hair follicles. They should be transplanted in the receiving area clearly and carefully.

How many hairs are needed for one hair follicle? Although the number of hair might change from the patient to another one, it can be said that each hair follicle can have between 1 and 4 hairs. The purpose here is to reach the perfect version of density.

There are many tools to use for this step, which can be listed as some micro-surgical tools with very small diameters, a fine gauge gun, the assistance of a robot, and the robotized ARTAS system.

The tools that are chosen for the surgery should be taken by taking the individual’s situation and characteristic carefully since it affects the extraction process and the result of the hair transplant surgery strongly. 

The FUE technique with capillary is a method which hardly penetrates the organism because it does not have to make any incisions or stitch the wound. This is the reason how it takes shorter than other treatment ways.

It is also connected to being a local application of hair transplantation. The duration change from the area is, but it is still shorter than the other ways.

Advantages of the Capillary Graft with FUE Method

  • Unlike other hair transplant methods, FUE provides great opportunities to have the occipital and parietal parts of the head as one of the donor areas. It includes the back and lateral parts. It is needed since those places are where your hair grows strong in many ways. 
  • In terms of pain, there is no need for you to get scared or hesitate to have. There is no scalpels or seams used during the process to make you feel pain.
  • Indeed, there are no distinctive scars. That means you can return your everyday life within even some days like three or five days.
  • For this method, bands are not used, so the donor area retains its initial capillary density.
  • If you are looking for a permanent solution against the serious hair loss problem, the FUE method will be your key since the results of the capillary graft are permanent for sure. 

It is because of the fact that the implanted hair grafts are resistant to the changing of your hormone level.  

  • Having local anesthesia is the news making many happy about the process.
  • If you consider the loss of sensitivity in your donor sites, you should know that there is no kind of side effects of this method.
  • If your concern is not only about hair and hair scalp part, you can take some advice from your doctor to apply the same method to your beard, your mustache, and even your eyebrows.

What to Consider When Planning the Capillary Graft?

The cosmetic surgeon is important starting from the planning and design step. The details of the procedure are needed to be planned in advance so that any possible reasons for a failure would be avoided. 

In this sense, the experience of your doctor and the surgery team have a critic value in order to properly plan the intervention.

The calculation of the optimal number of grafts in a single operation should be determined according to the needs of the patient. This calculation should be arranged differently for each individual.

Just like the calculation of the optimal number of grafts to be collected, the density and how to transplant them are equally important. The donor area and the design and elaboration of the frontal line should follow a certain plan for a natural result. 

Lastly, the calculation of the density of micro-grafts should take into consideration in order to the implant.

When Planning the Front Line

If the result of your hair transplant surgery does not look natural, the problem might be because of the planning of the front line. 

When planning and designing the front line, it should be considered that there are some differences between the skins, which is based on their locations. In other words,  the skin where the hair grows and the skin of the forehead in terms of color and thickness are different from each other and should be different taken into consideration.

The skin on the forehead should move accordingly. If the skin on the forehead moves when the eyebrows move, that means the front line should not move. Your doctor should follow very carefully these movements.

The front implantation line should be designed according to the demand of the patient. They can make it as a triangle, or oval or straight, which will be determined based on your request.

When Planning of the Optimum Number of grafts

The planning of the optimum number of grafts depends on the patient’s own story. For example, the donor area’s size, and the hair’s density in the donor area should fully grasp to determine it. 

Moreover, the receiving area’s size is important when planning the optimum number of grafts. 

For example, for an adult man, it has to be approximately 100,000 hair follicles between 80,000 and 120,000. For a natural result, you should have the front hairline should be a good graft density.

Sapphire FUE (FUE Performed with Sapphire Blades)

The reasons why this method is called differently than the traditional way of the FUE procedure is related to the special blades to use.

Sapphire blades are in the step called channel opening. For this stage, there is a possibility to be influenced directly by the hair transplantation. Those blades totally made from sapphire pin because of the advanced technological development. This will help you during your hair transplant operation and the recovery process.

The Advantages of FUE Performed with Sapphire Blades

  • The reasons why sapphire blades are more worthwhile than the steel blades are about the sharpness of the steel blades. They are not as strong as the sapphire blades. In other words, they might lose their sharpness during the operation.

That condition might be a reason for some unpleasant condition such as tissue loss. Unlike the steel blades, the sapphire is known as a durable and crystal with a smooth surface. Hence, they do not lose their sharpness, and subsequently, there is no risk of any tissue loss or traumas. 

  • The next advantages of sapphire blades are about health issues and hygiene conditions. These blades are antibacterial, which might not disrupt the blood circulation.
  •  The follicles to be transplanted will be attached in their perfect location because of the sapphire blades that does not affect negatively the blood circulation and the nature of the tissue. This will lead to a more successful operation process and result.

  • If you have some allergy such as metal allergy or metal sensibility, you are lucky to have this method with the sapphire blades. There is no risk for you with this hair transplant technique.
  • The risk of being dislodged for the follicles is almost nothing with this way because the channels open with sapphire blades at the same length of hair follicles.
  • The efficiency of the sown hair follicles is higher for the way using sapphire blades.
  • Compared to other hair gratification methods, you will realize that hair direction is more original for sapphire blades of FUE.

 Hair grafting in Women 

Unlike men, we see less percentage of women having hair transplant surgery. The reason why it is less common for women is related to economic issues.

Being expensive is the deterrent reason for women not to have hair loss surgery since there are other solutions they can have, which is relatively cheaper.

In order to camouflage the baldness, women can use wigs easier and more practical than men do. Apart from that, women can wear a prosthesis or different hairstyle. All these alternatives would be enough for them not to undergo expensive surgery.

However, the fact that is that women might have some additional advantages of hair transplant surgery.

For example, not having to shave the head as a first step provides a big advantage for them. It is also possible to transplant larger areas one time than although it is not likely for other ways.

It is also valid for scar formation, which needs only one time period. You can be sure about a successful result including natural-looking. Lastly, it will give make your hair density higher to the upper area of ​​the head.

DHI Technique of Women Hair Transplantation

Not only the FUT technique but we also see the Direct Hair Implant, known as DHI method, as a common solution for hair loss in women.

It is also commonly preferable since there is no need for the entire scalp before the hair graft for this technique. They just need to shave a small area of ​​the donor area of ​​the head after deciding where it should be. IT is enough for hair transplant surgery.

Why is this method helpful compared to other methods? There are some additional advantages of DHI techniques and it makes some women convince to have this one instead of other ways of hair transplant surgery. 

For example, the healing period is very short compared to other processes. More importantly, you will not feel irritation or excessive sensitiveness in the intervened area after the operation.

There is a needle called Choi Implanter Pen. It is used where the follicles are inserted to be transplanted to your scalp. That means there is no need to have any channels and placing the hair follicles inside the ducts.

Apart from that, you will not feel any pain and fear since they do not shave your entire head. You can feel very relax.

Some Causes and Advice Against Alopecia in Women

As a woman, you should be very careful against external and internal factors affecting your beauty hardly. Some biological factors or the products you generally use might be the reason for the excessive hair loss. 

Here are some reasons for alopecia in women, and suggestions to hide female baldness.

  • Some biological circumstances such as age, genetic factors, hormonal conditions might affect your hair loss problem. 

For example, a sudden increase in the number of male sex hormones upon reaching menopause or after being a mother is a certain reason for severe hair loss.

  • Hair loss has a strong connection with your mood. In other words, some excessive changing in your psychology will certainly affect your hair loss condition. Post-traumatic stress disorder, excessive anxiety, and depression can be categorized under this type of hair loss.
  • The most important one is that you might lose the sense of self-esteem because of all the reasons listed above. If so, you will suffer from to show your self-esteem decreases others, and at the end, it will increase the hair fall degree.
  • Regardless of your reasons for hair loss and baldness, in addition to the capillary graft in women, you can find some other ways. However, you should know that the capillary graft is the only method to solve your problem as a permanent way.

  • By cutting your hair, and having a different hairstyle, your hair loss problem might be decreased. Especially if the problem is related to the front and top area of ​​the head to appear depopulated, this solution might work for you.
  • Yet, if your hair is healthy ( after a checkup, you can learn if your hair is healthy or not), you do not need to cut your hair or change your hairstyle since it means your hair loss is not related to this solution.
  • Shaving all the head is also seen as one of the solutions to baldness although it is not pleasant for many women. In fact, this method would be a very useful alternative if you do not have any chance to have any surgical treatment. It will work in time.

  • There are so many different types of wigs you can choose. As an alternative, if the degree of hair loss bothers you a lot, you can use wig time to time.
  • Scarves, ribbons, hair bands, caps are the other alternatives for you. You can use those ones of them to disguise your head and cover those areas more depopulated, which will make you feel happy and comfortable.

Hair Gratification by Using Body Hair

To be honest, it is not the prior choice of doctors for hair transplant surgery, but sometimes it is needed to use body hair for the hair gratification. In short, it is not recommended as a first choice. 

Despite everything and recommendations, it is still possible to use body hair for hair transplantation. There are some certain conditions for it. To illustrate, for those who have thin hair in the donor area, this technique might be applied because the donor area with thin hair is not seen as a donor area anymore. 

It is also valid when the patient needs hair transplantation for some other fields such as your beard, your mustache, and your eyebrows. Apart from that, using body hair can come to the scene when it comes to repairing the scars in the scalp. It might be possible also some conditions after a hair transplant procedure.

For those who have serious and excessive problems with the weakness of their donor areas in the scalp, this way is suitable for extracting follicles in order to other body parts. Body parts such as the chest, beard, back, and legs are the areas where you have a high density. That is how it provides itself as the donor area.

The Disadvantages of Using Body Hair

Using body hair for hair gratification surgery is not always pleasantly welcomed. There are some valid reasons why some people and doctors are afraid of using body hair.

  • In term of structure, your scalp hair and body hair are totally different. This might lead to some failure scenarios at the end of the day.
  • When removing your body hair might be more harmful than you have imagined. Nobody dreams some stitch and scared on their skin.
  • If your scalp hair and body hair is not incompatibility, you will suffer from the bigger problems at the end.

  • It is now known until where body hair will be alive. If hair from body dies in a short time, it means the hair gratification is failed and needed some repetition.
  • Although your body hair would provide good density to cover a space of the bold area, you will certainly have some stitches and scars in the donor area. However, it does not mean it will last forever. They will go within a couple of weak if you take care according to your doctor suggestions.

The next side effect of using body hair procedure is about the quality. Unfortunately, the quality of body hair is less than the hair on the scalp. That is why it is needed to plant more hair than your hair gratification really needs.

How Much Does Hair Gratification Cost?

There is no one way to answer it. The more you search, the more you can cheaper and qualified ones. It depends on the way of hair gratification, the treatment methods, and the recovery period.

The cost of a hair gratification is ranging from $4,000 to $15,000, which includes all out of pocket. 

It is already widely known that many insurance companies take the hair transplant and gratification as one of the cosmetic procedures. Therefore, you need to handle it by yourself.

In fact, there are so many factors affecting the cost of hair gratification. For instance, the relative cost of living in the area and where you live can affect the surgery cost.

Also, it is related to the type of procedure you choose, which can be listed as follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). The price they need and the recovery part is totally different. For example, follicular unit extraction (FUE) is generally charged at a cost per follicle. It is good to know that it decreases the more follicles are transplanted. You can calculate for the first 2000 follicles, can be charged at up to £5 each. The following ones will follow with less being charged per transplanted follicle over 2000.

The experience of your doctor and the skill of the surgeon and surgery team is important in this sense. They might expect more price if they are well-equipment.  The amount of hair you want from this surgery determines the cost of hair gratification, too. Alternatively, you can also add your travel cost, especially for the recovery period.

When calculating the price of hair gratification, you should also consider the recovery time since you might face some unexpected situations. For example, you need to use some pain medication during the immediate improvement so that you can kill the pain and reduce the recovery time period.

There might be a time when you need to use antibiotics. It is because to reduce the risk of infection. Besides antibiotics, sometimes anti-inflammatory medications might be needed. You can use them when you have to reduce swelling at the surgical site.

If the cost of hair gratification is too much for you, you can have some other alternatives. For example, Minoxidil, that is known as Rogaine, is one of the solutions. For both men and women, it is available to buy from the pharmacy without any prescription. Still, it is better to use it after taking advice from your doctor.

Finasteride (Propecia) tablets are also seen as another alternative to the hair gratification. For both male and female baldness, it works well. However, the hair falling periods should be more than three months until six months to continue to say it is a serious hair loss problem.

Alternatively, you can change your lifestyle by avoiding some harsh treatments such as hot rollers, curling irons, hot oil treatments and permanents, treat your hair gently when washing and brushing, protecting your hair from sunlight and other sources of ultraviolet light, and stop smoking due to its strong connection with baldness especially in men.

Lastly, low-level laser therapy is the one you can search. You can check my other writing for more information about the cold laser treatment of hair gratification. It works pleasantly when it comes to promoting hair retention and strengthen weak hair.

To conclude, not only money issues and financial expectations but also the psychological part you should prepare yourself for the hair gratification process first. You need to be ready physically healthy at the same time. Not everyone can undergo hair transplant surgery.

The patients should have enough amount of hair to be transplanted so that transferring the hair from the rest of the head would be possible. Ultimately, you should have some realistic goals and expectations. Otherwise, you can have some disappointment about your appearance at the end. 

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