Hair Loss and Exercise: What’s the Relationship Between?

Many of us know that regular exercise improves the quality of life, balances blood pressure, and prevents many health problems from cancer to the risk of heart attack by controlling weight. There are also studies on the effects of exercising on hair loss. Strenuous exercises can cause hair loss. Therefore, one of the biggest problems of those who are interested in bodybuilding is to lose their hair. Hair loss caused by strenuous sports exercises that are not related to genetic reasons is often temporary. When the stress source (strenuous sport) disappears, the hair gets its former appearance. Regular and balanced exercise is one of the most important variables we can do for our health, along with nutrition.

It is known that regular exercise strengthens the hair. Exercise increases the blood circulation of the scalp so that the hair roots become stronger. The stronger hair roots prevent hair loss. Excessive exercise reduces the level of estrogen in the body, causing the body to secrete more DHT hormones. Although the DHT hormone is a male hormone, excessive secretion of this hormone is the biggest reason for hair loss. On the other hand, excessive exercise can cause anemia, which also causes hair loss. Many scientific studies show that exercise fights not only physical illnesses but also psychological disorders. It has been proven by various correlation studies that people with high physical activity experience less depression than those with a sedentary lifestyle and their frequency of anxiety disorder is lower. However, what is meant here are not exhausting exercises. Intensive bodybuilding sports or other sports that expose the body to excessive stress can be dangerous to hair health.

Finally, the salt that is released as a result of perspiration remains on the scalp, and the high rate of chlorine used to provide hygiene in swimming pools is among the factors affecting hair loss. Regular aerobic exercises can prevent hair loss by suppressing the DHT hormone. In addition, a study by the University of Florida revealed that free radical production decreased by 13% in people who exercise regularly, which could delay hair bleaching. Sports fight stress by increasing the production of the happiness hormone serotonin in our body. The decrease in the stress level in our body makes our hair stronger and healthier. Since the sweating of the scalp as a result of sports opens the hair follicles, it creates an appropriate environment for new hair to grow.

How Exercise Affects Hair Loss

Yes, doing sports is good for health! Sports, which have positive effects in many areas from lowering the risks of heart diseases to weight control, increase the quality of life of people. But is there a limit to doing sports and its positive effects?

Yes; there is. According to the latest research, it has been proven that exercising more than 60 minutes a day, 7 days a week, can cause your hair to fall out. However, it is obvious that the reason for this spill is not direct sports. As stated in the article, if this were true, all athletes’ hair should have been lost. What really brings these side effects is the chronic stress that heavy sports can cause on some people or the performance-enhancing steroids that athletes who do this kind of regular heavy exercise sometimes use unconsciously.

Exercising regularly without overdoing does not cause these losses; on the contrary, it can restore your body and hair. Exercising affects hair growth indirectly, as it contributes to health in general. According to experts, regular exercise, good nutrition, good sleep, drinking a lot of water and reducing stress increase your scalp health.

Do Exercising Cause Hair Loss?

One of the healthiest lifestyle changes is diet and exercise, and as a result, looking better. Experts say that the patients who come for hair transplantation ask if the sports will shed their hair or not: “This increasing desire to look better makes men think about whether exercise, weight lifting, and protein gain are shedding hair.”

In fact, experts say that the biggest reason for hair loss is genes. This genetic structure starts with the secretion of DHT hormone in the body and activates the hair loss cycle. DHT hormone is released by the combination of testosterone with 5-alpha-reductase enzymes. Both women and men can carry hair loss genes, but the intensity of the amount of DHT hormone in the male body makes this phenomenon more common in men.

Exercise and DHT Hormone

So how does exercise affect this process? Exercising temporarily increases the amount of testosterone in the body. Therefore, the first question that comes to mind is whether DHT, the hair loss agent, the building block of which is testosterone, will multiply in the body in this short time. The next question is whether the DHT hormone, which is elevated or increased during this process, will cause hair loss or accelerate hair loss that has already been genetically encoded.

Although the main cause of hair loss is genetic, it is the DHT hormone that performs hair destruction in person. Let’s take a construction as a metaphor. The task of managing a construction company (genetic structure in this example) is to create the infrastructure of the work done and to control the staff while the building is being built. The employees working for him have to fulfill the tasks given to them by the management. While a construction company cannot establish a structure without its employees, the genetic structure alone cannot destroy the hair follicles without DHT. For this very reason, the amount of DHT in the body affects how quickly this process, that is, the destruction of the hair follicles.

Propecia (finasteride) aims to slow or stop hair loss by reducing the amount of DHT in the body. Even though they are genetically programmed to die and destroy, hair loss stops or minimalizes because there is not enough DHT hormone in the body. Just like this mechanism, the elevated DHT level leads to faster and more effective destruction of hair follicles and therefore accelerates hair loss. There is a belief that those with hair loss genetics will lose all their hair over time. According to these researchers, hair loss consists of a combination of genetic structure, DHT and the time required for hair destruction. Assuming this is true, the hair loss lines and intensity that vary from person to person can also be explained by varying levels of DHT and resistance of the hair follicles.

Although exercise increases the rate of testosterone in the body for a short period of time, this is not enough to achieve an elevated DHT level in the time frame. Therefore, it is not possible for exercise or lifting weights to cause hair loss or accelerate. However, at this point, it is useful to make an important warning. Athlete’s powders sold at almost every gym entrance or available in private markets contain additives that increase testosterone levels and therefore show a feature that can raise the level of DHT.

Exercise and Hair Health

Did you know that sports are useful for healthy and stylish hair? Today, we keep saying that we can hardly find time to exercise. Usually, many of us apply with some care oils to strengthen our hair. In fact, if you pay attention to feeding your hair with these hair care oils, your hair will retain its naturalness in a healthy way. If your hair is still falling out even if all these applications are done, you will need to exercise in line with the time you allocate for yourself.

We know that it is very difficult to devote time to healthy nutrition and sports when the time spent on social life is added to the work stress we encounter in daily life. It is possible to achieve this with the small times you will spare for yourself during the day. With 40-minute walks in the evenings, gaining a light exercise habit will definitely have a big impact. You will add color to both your body and your life with the small sports activities you will do. The solution is very simple if you think of sports when you have exercises to be performed in the gym and you have a problem with time. Go out for a walk, ride a bike and get plenty of movement. Join nature walks walking by the sea. Most importantly, enjoy the things you will do here.

How Does Exercise Affect Hair Health?

The stress that we encounter in our daily lives automatically affects our bodies. Our body quickly produces cortisol stress hormone when we are stressed. Hair loss may occur as a result of the cortisol hormone caused by stress. When we do regular sports, our bodies produce the hormone of happiness. Thanks to the happiness hormone we call serotonin, which reduces stress, it directly affects our skin and hair health.

Despite all the work done, if there is a serious hair loss, it will be beneficial to see a specialist doctor. As a result, in cases such as thinning and baldness caused by serious hair loss, the lost hair follicles never come back. It will be possible to solve these problems with the right methods in accordance with the analysis to be done by the doctor who specializes in hair.

People who generally experience hair loss are finally interested in hair transplantation. If it is necessary to permanently treat the bad image caused by hair loss, Hair Transplantation will be the right address for you. With this application, which is a very comfortable operation, people can get rid of this problem by having a single planting process without any pain. In terms of hair health, if you are having similar problems, you can find all the necessary information on our hair transplantation articles.

This situation can affect your life psychologically negatively. Remember, the lost hair follicles will not reappear by commercially sold chemical products. When you buy and use these products, you will damage your budget and your hair even more. Prefer healthcare facilities with expert staff in hair transplantation.

Effects of Doing Sports on Hair Health

Sport is one of the most important components of healthy and beautiful hair. If you are doing the right things for your hair; if you make haircare with oils, follow a healthy nutrition program, use natural products and do not have any underlying health problems, your hair will be healthy as well. If despite all this, your hair still falls out, you may need to exercise more!

Considering today’s intense living conditions, we know that eating healthy and exercising is difficult and time-consuming. However, exercise does not have to hurt; perhaps you can achieve this by making a few changes in your daily life. What you need to pay attention to here is to find an exercise option that you will enjoy doing. So how do sports improve your hair health?

Stress affects your whole body; of course, your hair too. When you’re stressed, your body produces cortisol, the stress hormone. The cortisol hormone affects your entire body, which can result in hair loss as a result. When you do sports, your body produces more serotonin, a hormone of happiness, that reduces stress. The reduction of stress directly affects the health and beauty of your skin and other parts of your body.

Hair grows with a repeated cycle of the three stages. At the first stage, new hair texture is formed, it is fed with blood and lengthens between two and eight years. The second stage takes between two and four weeks. At this stage, the hair moves away from the blood supply and stops growing. In the last stage, which lasts between two and four months, hair no longer nourishes but sheds. After the last stage, the hair growth cycle is completed and then the first stage is started again. The old hair texture is pushed out and a new texture is formed. As a natural part of the process, an average of 100 hairs is shed daily. This allows space for new hair to grow.

Why Hair Loss Occurs?

In hair loss; hair growth cycle is completed, the hair is shed temporarily or permanently, but no new hair texture is formed. Apart from this, the following also cause hair loss:

  • Stress,
  • Some diseases,
  • Hormonal changes in the body,
  • Not enough feeding,
  • Some medicines used that can disrupt the hair growth cycle.

Some people have hair loss on average 3 months after stressful life events. If stress continues, hair loss may continue for a few more months. This period may be longer in some individuals. In addition, some medicines used in the treatment of heart disease, high blood pressure, and depression can cause temporary hair loss. However, hair loss can occur in both men and women due to hormonal changes in the body.

By keeping the health of your mind and body at the highest possible level; You can prevent hair loss due to stress and physical health problems. While doing sports; you release hormones like endorphins, which will make you happier and reduce the effects of stress. To maintain a healthy heart and vessels, at least 150 minutes of mild cardio training per week and at least 75 minutes of strong cardio training are recommended. This optimizes blood circulation, reduces inflammation in the body and also; has positive effects on skin, hair, and nail health.

How Important is Exercise to Hair Health?

Exercising is one of the most important keys to healthy-looking hair. When you exercise, your body sweats. Through sweating; Toxic substances in the body are removed from the skin pores and you have a fresher and brighter skin. Likewise, when you sweat, your scalp is also affected. The hair roots open up and you have enough space for new hair to grow. Exercise also increases blood flow in the scalp. This means more nutrients and oxygen. This allows hair follicles to feed faster and also supports hair growth.

Modern life is almost synonymous with the word “stress”. When you are stressed; The entire body, including the hair follicles in the body, is affected. Also, more stress hormones are produced. This slows the hair growth and can cause the hair to grow thin and thin. When you do sports, the level of the happiness hormone, serotonin in the body rises. Elevation of happiness hormone levels also makes it easier for your body to fight stress. Having a regular sports program supports healthy hair growth and allows you to have brighter hair. The benefits of exercise are not limited to just hair. Your body also makes you feel happier and healthier. But what happens when you are not doing sports?

Not doing sports but eating healthy; It is like applying massage oil on your hair and leaving it without massage and it does not benefit much. Therefore, even if you are following a healthy nutrition program, it may not be enough for your hair and the result may be lifeless looking skin and hair. There are many legends about doing sports. First of all, you don’t have to go to the gym or exercise for hours to do sports. You can also exercise at home or in a park near your home. 20-minute cardio and a 25-30 minute pilates program will also be sufficient. Or; You can also start an activity you enjoy, such as dance and martial arts. It’s all about being determined and reshaping your thoughts.

What Is The Most Effective Exercise For Hair Health?

To improve your hair health, you can start with any cardio exercise such as walking, running, cycling, dancing, pilates, and Zumba. If you have decided to do your sports at home; you might consider buying a treadmill at your home. In addition, yoga is considered to be beneficial to hair health. Yoga increases blood flow to the head area and provides what you need for fast hair growth. Yoga also helps regulate hormonal imbalances, another cause of hair loss. Also, it increases concentration, has a calming effect, and helps the digestive system to heal.

One of the most curious topics about sports and hair health is whether an intensive training program causes hair loss. Well, does excessive sports cause hair loss? According to experts, by the age of 35, two-thirds of men experience hair loss problem, and 85% of these men suffer from a significant amount of hair loss. There can be many reasons for hair loss. Among these, there may be genetic factors, some medications used, stress, some diseases, and malnutrition, which causes serious nutrient deficiencies, including protein, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and iron deficiencies.

Regarding whether doing sports can cause hair loss, it is necessary to determine the framework of “extreme sports” here. If it is an intense weight program mentioned here, it is known to cause some changes in the body. However, since hair growth takes place within 3-5 years, and increased testosterone-related hair loss is unlikely to occur immediately after starting the intensive weight program. Also, since weight programs cause a temporary increase in testosterone levels, this is unlikely to have a long-term effect on hair loss.

On the other hand; People taking steroids and other supplements designed to increase testosterone levels may experience an increase in male pattern hair loss if they are also genetically predisposed. In addition, supplements containing a lot of Vitamin A cause hair loss. Therefore, your weight lifting program is unlikely to cause direct hair loss. If you are concerned about this, you can get your opinion by talking to a specialist doctor on the subject. If your hair loss continues despite everything, you can consider applying Hair Mesotherapy or contact clinics directly for Hair Transplantation.

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