Hair Loss Dream

Our dreams are almost always interesting. We face the things buried deep in our subconscious in dreams. We sometimes dream about the things we fear the most, sometimes the things we are obsessed with, and sometimes the things that make us happy. I remember dreaming of my hair falling off very often when I was starting college. It was a very stressful time, a big turn point in my life. Because I was going to move to a new city, and have a lot of new responsibilities. Seeing my hair falling off over and over in my dream was overwhelming.

Seeing your hair fall off in your dream is generally not interpreted as a good thing from a spiritual perspective. Spiritual dream readers often interpret hair loss in a dream as poverty, scarcity, and loss of reputation and prestige. It can also mean economic and physical damage. From a more scientific perspective, seeing yourself losing your hair in your dream can mean that you fear aging or death. You may be feeling you are losing control of your own life. Perhaps you don’t consider yourself as attractive as you used to be anymore. Or, you are going through some crucial changes in your life, and you are feeling stressed.

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Fear of Aging

Fear of aging is the most common explanation of hair loss in the dream as it is the most obvious sign of aging. It is a common topic for the “nightmares” as you approach or going through midlife. If you are in your mid-ages, you should accept that aging is a natural part of the life cycle. Constant anxiety about getting older can yield more significant problems than hair loss dreams, like depression and stress. And these will accelerate your hair loss and push your nightmares to become true very quickly.

It is also common for teenagers who are at the edge of adulthood to dream about hair loss. Feeling insecure about the future and not knowing how to deal with adult life can trigger hair loss dreams. If you are in this situation, you have to realize that everyone goes through these stages in life. Whether they play it cool or not, your friends are feeling the same as you do. Stop worrying about the future and get in action to shape it and make it better.

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Insecurity About the Appearance and Sexual Appeal

In all cultures, well-groomed, strong, healthy-looking hair is a sign of attractiveness. As a result of that norm, people who feel insecure about their appearance can see themselves losing hair in their dreams. If you are feeling alone, recovering from a severe illness, or lately gained some weight, it is possible you may be worried about your sexual charm, and you can see hair loss dreams as a result. In that case, you should try to socialize more often. Finding things that you are good at would also be beneficial to boost your self-confidence. Exercising can help too.

If you have a baby on the way or just had one, hair loss dreams can arise. Becoming a parent may cause you to feel pulled away from your sexual identity. 

Thinning hair or balding can also cause insecurity about your look and can bring hair loss dreams. In that case, if you are feeling overwhelmed about your hair’s condition, you can research hair care products, new hairstyles that suit you, or consider a hair transplant surgery. 

Low Self-Esteem

Dreams reflect our inner world. If you think you look ugly, you can dream about yourself in bad images. In that case, your hair can be the symbol of normalcy, safety, health, or anything that can be considered as good. So, your low self-esteem causes you to feel that you don’t deserve those good things and these feelings show themselves in your dream as your hair falling off. Seeing yourself losing your hair or with patchy hair, or as bald, in your dreams can also represent how you think the others see you.

Character Development

Seeing yourself bald in your dream is not necessarily have to be a bad psychological state though, sometimes it can mean that you are finally showing the world who you are. If you have been trying to change your personality or your life, and you are finally near completing that transformation, you can see yourself as bald in your dream. In this case, baldness is the symbol of your actual, naked personality. 

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Your hair loss dream may be because of your fear of being betrayed. Maybe you are suspicious about some of the things going on around you or recently found out about a betrayal. 

Feeling Desperate and Not in Control

It is no secret that hair loss is something that happens out of our control. So, feeling helpless or thinking that you have no power over the things occurring in your life can show itself as hair loss dreams. It would be a good idea to sit back for a while and consider the events of your life. Identify the things or circumstances that make you feel vulnerable and powerless, then finding solutions or middle ground approaches to those problems will the hair loss dreams go off.


Hair loss is not something you control, and diseases are not either. Whether you’re suffering from an aggressive disorder or recovering from a cold, it may manifest as a hair loss dream. 

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Stress is the most common cause of hair loss dreams. Stress is the scariest monster of modern times that we have to fight every single day. Feeling under a lot of pressure, living with anxiety, overthinking the tiniest things, just a few sources of stress. Stress is a trigger for many diseases, nightmares, and hair loss dreams. Some people will wake up with hair in their hands, and if the stress is affecting you that much, you need to implement activities in your life which help reducing stress. You must get help from a professional at that point. 


If you have been pushing yourself beyond your body’s limits despite the exhaustion, drowsiness, and weariness, you should stop. Your body might be alerting you with hair loss dreams. Take some time off from what you have been doing and allow your body to rejuvenate. 

Major Life Changes

Moving into a new city, settling into a foreign country, starting a new job at a new company, getting married or divorced, becoming a parent, etc., will cause grand changes in your routine. And this will show up itself as hair loss dreams. If you are going through something huge, these dreams are normal. You should relax and do not stress too much. 

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Incomplete Projects and Ideas

Hair may be the symbol for the projects, ideas, or resolutions you dropped before fully completing them or bringing them into life. Dreaming about hair loss means that you think that you somewhat failed. Or it may mean you feel guilty about abandoning your projects. 

Fear of Death

If you see yourself balding in your dream, it may be associated with your fear of death. Possibly you are thinking way too much than you should be thinking about death. The reason may be because you have lost someone you knew recently. Or you are getting older and can not refrain from thinking about death or the afterlife. Maybe, you were diagnosed with a disease that is not curable, or you are at the terminal stage of some other condition. If someone you know is balding in your dream, then it means that you are afraid of that person’s death. 

Generally, it is not a good idea to overthink life and death or the afterlife. It can lead to psychological problems and unhappiness. No matter what age we are at or at what stage of life we are, we should always cherish the moment we have. Death is an inevitable fact and law of nature. Living in constant fear of death would only result in missing the joy of life. 

Nutritional Deficiency

Some people think that your mind and your body are strongly connected. And your subconscious can inform you about the things your body is lacking in different ways. According to these people, losing your hair in your dream can be the signal of malnourishment or an underlying condition such as hormonal imbalance. Since thick, strong hair is a cultural sign of health, thus losing your hair may be interpreted as a warning that your body is not in good condition. If you are eating unhealthy food, you may consider switching to a healthy diet. Or, if you were ignoring what could be mild symptoms of a disease like a headache, dizziness, etc., consider seeing a doctor and get yourself checked out. 

Seeing Hair Strands in Dream

Interpretation of these dreams differs according to the color of the hair strands. 

If the hair strand falling in front of you matches your hair color, it represents your responsibilities and the challenges in your life.

If the hair strand is gray, it means you have some problems haunting you for a long time, and the chances that you will get rid of them soon are not that good. 

It means problems, failure, or futileness in your professional life if the hair strand has a darker color than your hair. And if the strand has a lighter color than your hair, it means that you will find yourself in awkward meetings and situations. Another possibility is, you will not be able to go on that vacation you have been planning. 

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Losing a Lot Of Hair in the Dream

Losing a lot of hair is often associated with losing money. Maybe you should assess your financial situation and use your money wisely. 

Seeing Short Strands Falling off From Your Hair

Short strands of hair represent the minor problems you are dealing with in your life. You must work on these problems to prevent them from building up. 

Chunks of Hair Falling Out

Dreaming about chunks of hair falling out indicates good things. Soon, you will get rid of the toxic people around you. And you will accomplish the goals you have been chasing after. Your life will change in a better direction.

Pulling Hair Out in the Dream

You may see yourself pulling your hair out in your dream when you’re stressing about something in real life. This dream comes up when you are aware of a problem that you can do nothing about it. This dream may also indicate that you feel that you’ve lost control of your life. 

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Hair Falling Out as Clusters

If you have incomplete projects on the shelf, now it may be the time to pick them up again. Maybe you did not have time to finish them, maybe you got bored, or you did not have faith that your project be a success, or perhaps you did not think you’ve got what it takes to finish that project. Seeing your hair falling out in clumps signals you that you should get back to work and trust yourself. Do not underestimate your potential and finish the project. 

Some dream readers interpret this dream as a hunch you have for treason. You may be suspicious about something or someone. So, it would be a good idea to be on guard for possible threats these days.  

Losing clusters of hair in the dream can also mean you feel lonely and looking for someone dependable, trustworthy, and charming in your life, but, also you don’t want to change the way you live your life now.

Another interpretation is that you have a shy, introverted personality, and because of it, you are not developing yourself, or your progress is going slower than it should be. 

Progressive Hair Loss in the Dream

If you see yourself gradually losing your hair in the dream, it means that you have materialist desires. You are forcing yourself to grow and be successful, but you are not in the game to be happy. Chasing after fame and wealth by doing stuff for which you have no passion is making you miserable. You must understand that these things will not automatically bring you happiness. Find other things that can make you happy without stressing you out. Remember, money is a means rather than an end. 

Seeing Your Body Without Any Hair in Your Dream

If you haven’t seen a single hair strand on your body in the dream, you may be feeling too desperate in front of a problem. You are not sure of anything and feeling trapped and vulnerable. You can talk to a friend or a family member about your situation to get it off your chest and get a pair of helping hands. 

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Losing Damaged Hair in The Dream

This dream may mean that you feel tired and weak emotionally. Maybe you are subjecting yourself to too much negativity. Look at the things on the bright side and inject some positivity into your life. Perhaps, you need more optimistic people in your life who shine their positive energy upon you.

Another interpretation of this dream is simply a warning. Some of the people around you may not be who you think they are. Be careful about the people who seem like they like you but don’t. Do not share your problems or personal matters with people you don’t know very well. They may be hunting for something to harm you.

Losing Hair While Brushing It in the Dream

This dream means you are making yourself over. It means that you are looking at things from a new angle. Or maybe, you are at the final stages of your emotional healing process. 

Losing Hair After Combing It in the Dream

Losing hair after brushing it in the dream is considered evil. This dream warns you about some people taking control of your life. Someone is manipulating your thoughts and preventing you from solving your problems. This person or these people are altering your thoughts with their ideas, and you are letting them. You should trust your judgment and take back the authority of your life. After all, what is the point of living when you are not making your own choices?

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Hair Catching on Fire in the Dream

Seeing your hair catching on fire in your dream foretell that you will face some hardship in your life, but you will get out of the situation as stronger. Keep your hopes high despite the incident and deal with it, and the result will be rewarding.

Removing Unwanted Hair in the Dream

Unwanted hair stands for distasteful and inadmissible habits or ideas. So, the interpretation of this dream is that you want to abandon your bad habits and become a better, kinder person. 

Dreaming of Yourself With Very Few Hairs on Your Head

This dream means you are thinking and caring too much about others’ opinions about you. You should regain your confidence and disregard what people are thinking. 

Getting a Haircut in the Dream

Seeing someone giving you a haircut in your dream represents a loss of vigor and strength. If a hairdresser was cutting your hair in your dream, you might need to rearrange your plans. Some readers consider this dream is the messenger of the death of someone you know. A new hairstyle in a dream can also mean a new beginning. If the hair makes you happy after the cut, it means you will get rid of a sinister person in your life.

It may mean that you will be slandered or criticized for something you have nothing to do with it. 

If you lose all of your hair after someone shaves your head, you should look out for the people who constantly flatter you. This dream is a warning for the malicious intentions of those people. 

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Dreaming of Wearing a Wig

If you see yourself wearing a wig after going bald in your dream, it means there are fake people in your social circle. Watch them out closely. This dream can also mean that you are somehow in denial and fooling yourself.

Bald Areas on the Front of Your Scalp in the Dream

Seeing bald patches in front of your head in your dream stands for a disrespectful person. The person is someone close to you, like a coworker or a family member you trust. This person treats you well when with you but gossip about you behind your back. 

Bald Areas on the Back of Your Head in the Dream

This dream is associated with an economic problem. You will go through some hard times financially, and if you can’t adjust to this crisis, it will harm you physically and psychologically. 

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Dreaming of One Side of the Head Without Hair

If you see your head’s left side with no hair, your partner will pass away soon. And if it is the right side of your head, you are dealing with too much anxiety, and you need it under control, or otherwise, you will age much faster. 

Becoming Bald Before an Interview or a Date

If you see yourself going bald before a job interview, you don’t trust yourself enough. You doubt that you are qualified for the job, and you fear that the job interview will go poorly. Try to be fairer towards yourself. 

If you go bald just before your appointment with your date, it indicates that you feel inadequate for your partner. You think they deserve someone better than you. Again, this matter comes down to being too harsh towards yourself. Give yourself the credit you deserve. 


To summarize, hair loss dreams are often related to the fear of aging and death. These dreams also arise when the person is feeling insecure or too self-conscious. A sudden loss of someone, too much negativity, a sharp turn point in life, or a stressful environment can trigger these dreams. The person who dreams of hair loss or going bald too often should find a way to gain self-confidence and get rid of stress. 

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