How Hair Loss Affects Self Esteem: A Psychological Review

Hair loss, which is more common in men, usually begins at the age of 25 and affects up to 70% of all men in their lifetime. Hair falls out due to various reasons such as environmental factors, air pollution, stress, fatigue, malnutrition, chronic diseases, some medications used, hormonal reasons, genetic predisposition, and harmful chemicals in cosmetic products applied to the hair. Hair loss often brings along psychological problems. The most common of these is the lack of self-esteem.

Hair loss causes loss of self-esteem and unfortunately, loss of self-esteem brings the feeling of self-loathing. Learn about the symptoms of self-esteem loss and how you can cope. Nobody wants to lose their hair, but for some people, the emotional burden of losing their hair can be very heavy. The loss of self-esteem and lack of confidence can become a very deep problem, causing the person to become depressed and even self-loathe to the point of committing suicide.

If you feel angry about your appearance, you need to eliminate the factors around you that cause these feelings to cause anger towards yourself. Some people who experience hair loss come to a halt with regard to hair loss and begin to feel an uncontrollable hatred of themselves for everything. Have you become your own most brutal critic? Do you forgive yourself for the problems caused by minor mistakes? Do you have doubts about your skills and abilities? First of all, you need to eliminate the problems that cause your self-confidence.

Don’t be a perfectionist. This is the shortest way to feel unsuccessful. We’re not saying we shouldn’t have goals or we don’t need to try to be successful – but the goals you set should be realistic. Working to make everything perfect can be unhealthy and destructive, and can often be a sign of a lack of self-confidence. If you’re an extreme perfectionist then none of the achievements will seem good enough to you. Have reasonable, manageable goals in every aspect of your life (including hair loss treatment and transplantation).

Due to the lack of self-confidence caused by hair loss, the physical image as a whole may be adversely affected. Some patients whose hair loss begins suddenly or shockingly start to neglect their appearance, especially. As people get weaker (or gain weight), less attention to their hygiene and their appearance deteriorates, the person generally begins to feel worse about himself. On the other hand, they look at themselves about other people with hair loss but their looks are not good enough — or they don’t look good enough — it doesn’t matter how much they look at themselves and exercise, too, because of their own lack of self-esteem.

Often women and men who experience hair loss begin to feel worthless, but they are not worthless, they find themselves worthless in their relationships and are not worthy of their partners – We are precious people who can add value to the lives of others with our personalities, skills, and other talents. Instead of focusing on the negative and negative things in our lives, we should try to focus on the abilities we have. So what can I do to gain my self-confidence? First, try to help yourself and then seek professional support.

Change your inner (and outer) thoughts about yourself. When you think of a negative thought (or saying something negative), replace them with positive discourse or thoughts immediately. Make a list of your best features and keep them in places you can read often – on the bathroom mirror, on a post-it on your computer screen, or even on your smartphone. Think about the things you enjoy doing (or have done in the past) that will make you trust yourself again and then you can start doing it again. Actions are important and can bring you an emotional routine.

You are currently seeing the physical treatment of hair loss, but you may need psychological treatment to deal with the psychological part of hair loss. You can seek help from a psychologist or other mental health professional who has experience with hair loss and lack of self-esteem. You can also join support groups to communicate with other individuals who have hair loss problems. You can find suggestions for your questions (from dermatologists and/or psychologists) in local support groups, as well as join online forums, message boards, and other groups. You are not alone and you will start to feel better again.

Relationship Between Hair Loss and Self-Esteem

Since hair loss causes a feeling of premature aging in men, it loses the sense of self-confidence and creates aesthetic anxiety. One of the most annoying problems in men is hair loss (baldness). The main reasons for hair loss are aging, genetic factors, stress, and eating habits.

Hair loss in men usually starts with the thinning of the hairline and the upper part of the hair falls out. 95 percent of hair loss in men is this type. Hair loss in women starts at the same time in every region. Major causes of hair loss in women are iron deficiency, anemia, and chronic diseases. Since hair loss in men is most likely due to genetic factors, it is not usually possible to prevent it and hair transplantation is generally recommended as a solution.

Hair transplant operation is only a 1-day procedure with an operation that takes 6-8 hours under local anesthesia. The most effective method in hair transplantation is the FUE method. With this method, firstly, healthy hair follicles are collected from suitable areas. In order to place these collected roots, channels suitable for the person are opened with special devices in the area of ​​spillage. The direction and number of channels are important for a natural view. Finally, the roots are transplanted one by one. During the process, an average of 3,000-6,000 hairs is used. Genetically coded not to shed, these roots are permanent for a lifetime where they are planted.

Since hair loss causes a feeling of premature aging in men, it loses the sense of self-confidence and creates aesthetic anxiety. Aesthetic problems emerge as a problem that makes people unhappy in men as well as women. Male pattern hair loss starts at the age of 20s and 7 out of 10 men have hair loss problems. The most effective treatment of baldness is hair transplantation with the FUE technique performed by experts in hygienic environments such as hospitals.

The Self-Esteem Problem in Social Life Caused by Hair Loss

This is the basis of all issues like hair transplantation, hair loss, balding, and so on. Problems in social life are the most important reason for hair transplantation. Hairlessness can sometimes bring along unimaginable problems. People are also surprised at this point. Just as hairlessness can lead to these problems, it creates problems in social life, people cannot understand. Let’s talk about the problems that arise due to hair loss and baldness in social life.

Self-confidence is the most important issue. Because the most important feature that a person needs for a happy life is self-confidence, even if it is not very visible. Moreover, self-confidence is not only a necessary feature for business life or social life, but also a feature that affects people’s self-esteem and happiness, and even peace. Therefore, the lack of self-confidence caused by hair problems directly affects the person and creates unhappiness. We know that sometimes people have a hard time understanding the cause of their self-esteem problems. So some of you may believe you are at peace with yourself and ignore that the self-esteem problem is caused by your hair or balding. In this case, the problem is a little bit bigger, because you wouldn’t even consider an application like hair transplantation. Because you haven’t discovered the cause of your self-esteem problem yet.

Bilateral relationships, especially love relationships, are at the center of our lives. It is really disappointing to see baldness as a problem facing your love. Yes, people should love you as you are, and that is the truth, but there is no point in opposing hair transplantation with this belief. If the medical world today can realize such a practice, it is up to you to benefit from it. Why do you include problems in your love relationships that will make you unhappy? You are faced with a problem with a solution, and you can take action without losing time and quickly get rid of this problem, that is, you can transplant hair.

Everyone faces different problems in business life. The addition of baldness to these problems that vary according to the profession can leave you in a difficult situation. No matter how hard you resist, one day you can see that your work life is interrupted due to the balding problem. In some professions, particular attention is paid to appearance. No matter how well you are doing your job, they want your appearance to be good too. In this case, they will prefer other alternatives for you, as they always have an alternative. In short, baldness, hair loss problems, or an advanced level of baldness can cause job finding problems.

The first impression is important. Moreover, it is very important in every aspect of life, at every moment… The first thought of the person you like about you is important. When you apply for a job, the first thought of the other person about you is important. Even when you start talking to someone you meet on the street, the first impression is important that the conversation continues or the person walks away from you. That’s why everyone pays great attention to their appearance. The interest of human beings in fashion, dressing, decoration, and even aesthetics today comes from the past. The first impression appears in many areas of life and sometimes brings problems. With hair problems, your appearance may not be the way you want and you can see that people are affected by it.

Being at peace with one’s appearance is a joy to live. Is there anything better than self-love? In order to love people, nature, creatures, and the world, one must start from himself and love himself first. If there are details in your look that you don’t like, then start by fixing them and find a way to love yourself. Because you are very precious and very special. You don’t deserve to be unhappy. Hair loss is a problem that everyone can encounter today, but people who are not satisfied with their appearance can easily solve this problem. With hair transplantation, you can achieve the look you dream of. Moreover, with hair transplantation techniques that are not troublesome and have no risks, 98% success is achieved.

It is difficult to identify the causes of psychological problems. The human mind is such a complex world that it is impossible not to get lost in it. However, there is a fact that experts have identified. Appearance problems can cause psychological problems. Problems such as baldness and intense hair loss are also at the top of the list. Men may somehow make this problem a part of their style, but for women, it is more difficult. This situation, which reveals the feeling of deficiency and inadequacy, can turn life into a dungeon and make the person extremely unhappy. Before causing psychological problems, you should solve your hair problems and continue living in your most energetic and strongest state. You are not dealing with an unsolvable problem.

Hair loss which we encounter with women and men, affects women especially negatively. Because the importance that women attach to their hair is much more and some women may have a sense of deficiency. It is possible to overcome this with hair transplantation. While there are wigs that women can use to camouflage their balding, men often choose to make their balding a style. However, it is still quite common for men to use wigs. In this case, it is a fact that women face bigger problems. Which woman wouldn’t want to go to the hairdresser and which woman wouldn’t want to comb her hair with pleasure?

The answers to the question of how hairlessness creates problems in social life are generally in this way, but when we examine those who decide to have hair transplantation, we encounter much more. Hair is much more important than people think. An organ is an accessory and indeed a must-have. Therefore, hair transplant operations may even be vital for some. We may encounter those who attribute their unhappiness to this and seek solutions. We come across those who started living their life with their hair and who ruin their lives before, and that’s when the real function of hair transplantation is revealed. It is very painful to see that questions about appearance actually cause many more problems and bad experiences lead people to hair transplantation.

As we always say, balding in social life can cause many problems for you, but don’t forget to love yourself for all of this. This life is yours and you are very precious. See live your life. Let the experts solve your hair problem. By having a hair transplant, you can get your hair easier than you think. You can go to the hairdresser as you wish and show off your new hair. All this is not just a dream. Do not confine yourself to the world of impossibilities. Take action immediately and contact specialist doctors to get rid of the problems caused by balding in your social life. You are never too late to have a hair transplant. Today may be the right time.

Hair Loss in Men Harms Self-Esteem

Hair loss has become the most discussed and constantly sought solution problem of today. The problem of hair loss makes people feel that their attractiveness and attractiveness are reduced and they are getting old early, affecting their appearance. Hair loss constitutes an important psychological problem and harms a sense of self-confidence. Although there are many ways to deal with this problem, it is only possible to prevent hair loss with hair mesotherapy and PRP treatment to be applied in the early period.

The most common factors in male hair loss are genetic factors and familial predisposition. In addition, sudden hair loss due to stress, environmental factors, side effects of drugs, and eating habits are also effective in hair loss. The male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the main factor responsible for hair loss. It has been observed that the activity of this hormone increases in the spill area. The hair in the nape and side of the head is not affected by the DHT hormone and is genetically coded not to shed. Where they are planted, they are permanent for life.

If you also have a hair loss problem, but you want to protect your personal appearance and deal with this problem, you should act as soon as possible. Types and classification of hair loss (hair loss) in men (there may be hair loss outside of these classifications), slight loss starts from the anterior hairline (type 1 and type 2). Moderate loss progresses from the top to the top (type 3, type 4, and type 5). Severe loss descends from top to rear (type 6 and type 7). Hair transplantation can be performed in all types of hair loss in men. For mild and moderate hair loss, one session of hair transplantation provides sufficient density and coverage.

In severe hair loss, 1 session of hair transplantation saves the person from a hairless appearance and provides a better appearance. If the person wants to cover all areas and increase the frequency, 2-3 sessions of hair transplantation can be performed. Although men say that they do not have a problem with hair loss, the researches and the high sales rate of hair loss preventing products say the opposite. Different studies show that the biggest nightmare of men is hair loss… Especially the “hair loss at a young age”, which covers the age range of 25-30, affects men deeply enough to leave them sleepless. The number of men who are saddened and worried about their hair loss and who think that they look old and that their attractiveness is decreasing exceeds 60 percent.

While those who begin to lose their hair at a young age experience more “intense” stress and loss of self-confidence, those who lose their hair at a later age are exposed to “moderate” stress. The relationship between skin diseases and stress and its mental effects has been known for a long time. A person can reflect his psychological problems, personal or family problems as a dermatological problem, as well as a spontaneous skin problem (hair loss) to individual and psychological disorders that will damage the body image; it can even cause psychosocial negativity. In short, it is known that there are two kinds of relationships between hair loss and stress: The psychological reactions that the person develops against the appearance of hair loss and hair loss, which is supported by a neurotic mental structure, without an apparent organic cause, and is fueled by stress.

A Scientific Study: Hair Loss Undermines Self Esteem

A survey study conducted in 5 countries in Europe revealed that men with hair loss experience significant problems in their self-confidence regarding their bodies. The study, conducted by the research company Gallup Spain with the support of the international pharmaceutical company Merck Sharp & Dohme, with the participation of approximately 1,500 men in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom (Britain), reveals the psycho-social effects of hair loss on men.

In the study, which focused on 729 people among 1,500 people invited to the study, who reported that they had hair loss problems, hair emerged as an important factor in the imaginary evaluation made for oneself. In the study, where most of the participants stated that “their liking for their own bodies affected negatively with hair loss”, 43 percent of the men lost their belief in personal attractiveness, 42 percent had fear of being bald, 37 percent were worried about looking old, 21 percent reported that they also experienced depression.

On the other hand, in another study conducted in Europe to determine the perspective of women about men who have hair loss problems, it is revealed that the concerns men experience about hair loss are not groundless. In the evaluation made by ICM Direct Research company in the light of the questions directed to one thousand single women between the ages of 20 and 39 living in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Sweden, it was determined that young European women find hairy men attractive rather than bald or balding men.

In the study where 75 percent of the participants expressed the view that thick hair makes an ordinary man more attractive, women will mostly support men (79 percent) in combating hair loss, and 44 percent say that men should definitely try the treatment before surrendering to hair loss.

Psychological Effects of Hair Loss

If you are one of the millions of people who experience hair loss, you are one of the people who can best observe the emotional effects of your hair loss. As the severity of hair loss increases, the resulting psychological effects generally increase. The story we observe in almost all people who decide to have hair transplantation is the same. Almost all of the people struggling with this problem have experienced solutions such as shampoos, sprays, lotion treatments, and PRP treatments. They did everything they could and eventually gave up and turned to seek a permanent solution.

Although our hair is not vital for our survival, or we do not suffer physical pain due to hair loss, hair is important in terms of protecting our scalp from extreme hot or extremely cold weather conditions. In addition to its biological duties, the lushness and quality of our hair provide psychological advantages. In short, our hair is very important to our physical appearance and most of us take our hair seriously.

Although the main cause of hair loss is our genetic heritage, stress, various diseases, and environmental factors can also cause hair thinning and shedding. Despite everything, there is no rule that balding, which comes with hair loss, will reduce the physical attraction of a person. Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, and many other actors with hair loss have been listed among the world’s most attractive men for years. In addition, we would like to draw your attention to the two scientific studies conducted.

A study conducted by a team led by Albert E. Mannes on behalf of the University of Pennsylvania revealed that bald men are perceived as more powerful and attractive by women. Another study conducted by Saarland University concluded that men with baldness are perceived by women as more intelligent and more knowledgeable. Although these studies reveal that baldness is not a serious negative scenario, of course, nobody wants their hair to fall out voluntarily.

We know that our physical appearance is decisive in many aspects of our career, the person we are with, the social environment we are in, and our general mood. In light of this information, let’s list the possible effects on the mental state of men with hair loss:

Loss of Self-Esteem Due to Hair Loss

Some studies have revealed that negative situations based on lack of self-confidence such as lack of self-confidence, dissatisfaction with the general physical appearance, decrease in quality of life, decrease in sense of self are more common in people with hair loss. High stress comes first among the problems that develop with the loss of self-confidence. High stress triggers hair loss and this situation puts the person in a negative vicious circle. Stress and hair loss relationship is also observed in women. For example, a study found that women who lead a highly stressful life are 11 times more likely to experience hair loss than women who lead a routine life.

In a study conducted specifically for women who experienced hair loss after chemotherapy treatment, it was observed that most of these people had feelings such as “being caught unprepared”, “being shocked”, “embarrassed”. In fact, a considerable group stated that the psychological damage caused by hair loss is more than the psychological damage caused by the removal of their breasts as a result of cancer.

Some types of psychological disturbances are more common in people with hair loss. Depression, anxiety, paranoia, and sociophobia are more common in people with hair loss compared to the general population. Some studies have found that it improves the fear of loss in people with hair loss.

General observations reveal that some people with hair loss have a decline in their ability to participate in social life. The shyness created by the loss of self-confidence can cause the person to be more alone with himself and to experience a depressive mood by falling into a social being. Among the biggest problems is cancer-related hair loss. This situation is caused by the problem of the person due to the illness and the combination of hair loss and the change of physical appearance. Of course, it is recommended to receive psychological support at this stage regardless of the age group. In addition to overcoming the hair loss problem, the simultaneous presence of this condition with the disease can be weary.

Psychological trouble can come as far as wearing a beret all the time. If this situation covers the summer months, you can see that the problem experienced is a huge problem. Eliminating the baldness situation may be a clear and permanent solution to solve the current situation. By getting expert support completely on this, you can be able to do something permanent about solution suggestions. Do not know what to do in the face of the problem? In fact, it is important to first determine the cause of hair loss before providing a solution. In hair loss experienced with the disease, psychological support may be required. This is all about what the person is experiencing at that moment. After determining the cause, this situation can be eliminated with solution suggestions.

So what can we do? Do not forget that hair loss due to drug use or cancer is a temporary situation. At the end of the treatment, your hair will quickly regain its old appearance. Instead of breaking away from social life, take care to improve your relationships. Remember that your family and true friends did not include you in your life because of your physical appearance. Talk to your doctor. If your hair loss has just begun, you can delay hair loss with various medical supplements.

If your hair loss is complete, you may consider having a hair transplant or a hair simulation. Hair transplantation provides a permanent solution and you can shape, comb, or dye your hair at the end of the transplant. Hair simulation contributes to your physical appearance by creating the image that you have hair.

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