The Impact of Estrogen on Hair Loss and Hair Growth (Updated)

Hair loss and hair growth are so common for one’s life. It can be because of pregnancy, seasonal changing, medical conditions, high blood pressure, arthritis, depression, and heart problems. It is also possible to experience hair loss because of hormonal imbalance.

The one related to the estrogen level is one of them. Although we all have heard about the hormone called estrogen, only minority know about its features and its functions.

To learn more about this hormone, and the ways to fight with it when it comes to hair loss, here is my piece of writing for you.

What Is Estrogen?

As one of the sex hormones, estrogen promotes the development and maintenance of female characteristics in the human body. Thus, we can say that estrogen is vital for the growth and development of female secondary sexual characteristics.

Those sexual characteristics can be listed as breasts, pubic and armpit hair, and the regulation of the menstrual cycle and reproductive system.

There are some foods including phytoestrogens. It might be food for you to consume those foods below so that it may affect the level of estrogen in your body.

Cruciferous vegetables and soy are some of them. Apart from that, berries, seeds and grains, nuts, fruit, and wine are good options for this purpose.

Is There Any Connection Between Hair Loss and the Level of Estrogen in Your Body?

It is for sure that hair loss and estrogen are associated with each other in many ways. The thing we need to know is about when and which level has a negative influence when it comes to hair loss because of the low level of estrogen in one’s body.

Estrogen is a hormone responsible for your female physical traits and characteristics, which your physical and emotional well-being. Estrogen is associated with hair health because it has the potential to slow one’s hair’s growing stage. This is called the anagen phase.

There are many studies telling that estrogen can even stimulate new hair growth. Therefore, it is all about the level of estrogen you need.

For example, some certain of estrogen level might cause hair loss for pregnant women; higher concentrations of estrogen give women thicker, healthier hair than normal during pregnancy and when women are breastfeeding.

What to Do If You Experience Estrogen Hair Loss

The thing you should determine first is to decide the real cause; is it because of low estrogen level or high level of estrogen? What I strongly recommend you for this situation against hair loss is to see a professional doctor.

If the reason is because of a hormonal imbalance, your doctor should have your levels tested in order to understand if you have too little or too much estrogen because the treatment of low estrogen level and high estrogen level is quite different than each other.

Rising Estrogen

First of all, for the high estrogen level (estrogen dominance), you should have some changing in your daily diet. By doing so, you will try to help bring your levels down to normal. In other words, you will become a healthy person.

To achieve this purpose, you should be avoiding refined carbohydrates like white bread and white rice. Apart from that, if you are a person who loves eating meat, it would be hard for you as you should, avoid eating any meat in this process. That is because those metals might be treated with hormones.

Generally, for the girls between 11 and 14 years old, the estrogen level might go up than normal level because the estrogen levels begin to rise in order to manage her reproductive system. That is why they might experience some changing in term of the appearance of pubic and underarm hair.

Declining Estrogen

The reason for the decline of estrogen might be because of menopause or other hormonal imbalances. Regardless of the reason behind it, it is important to know that it might have a negative influence on your hair growth.

In other words, you might experience a thinning or loss of pubic hair due to the low levels of estrogen in your body. It is also possible to have unwanted hair growth on your face when it comes to the menopause period. The reason behind this, menopause means that you will experience the lowest level of estrogen level during your whole life.

When it comes to the low levels of estrogen, you should again regulate your diet to be more healthy but there is more. Firstly, you should be more relaxed by minimizing your stress level. For it, you can do some meditation techniques, you can spend more time with your kids and your close friends, or alternatively, you can take go even a psychologist.

Secondly, the next thing you should do in order to regulate your low level of estrogen problem, you do exercise regularly. If you can not control yourself regularly, and could not obey the rules you determine, you can go to a gym and take advice from an expert to do exercise regularly.

It will also help you feel relax and minizine your stress for sure. There is nothing wrong to do exercise regularly at all!

The good news is that, after following those rules and the advice your doctor recommends you, your hormone levels become normal soon. That means the hair loss problem will be gone, and again you will see how fast your hair growth will be.

Is There Any Connection with Estrogen Hair Loss and Post-Pregnancy?

Did you also experience hair loss during the post-pregnancy period? Or are you also afraid of facing hair loss after giving birth like many people? All is possible unfortunately because of hormonal changing.

After you take your baby on your hands, the drop in your estrogen level in your level has started. It is known as postpartum hair loss, but the reason actually is about estrogen level. During your pregnancy, your level of estrogen probably become higher than normal. It is like this even in progesterone period.

That is why you feel like you are more beautiful than you used to since the higher level of estrogen has the potential to increase hair’s resting phase. It is also possible the time hair stays on your head naturally decreases before of this changing. That means what accounts for the 100 hairs that healthy heads shed every day.

However, the post-pregnancy period means the drops of estrogen level. Your hair that used to rest now will start to shed. That is a problem resulting in the post-pregnancy hair loss.

You are lucky actually because there is nothing to get worried about the post-pregnancy hair loss as it is usually temporary. After several months of hair loss, it will become a normal level. In other words, after your estrogen level come to your optimum level, and then your hair condition will be normal that you used to have before giving birth.

Some Emotional Symptoms of Declining Estrogen Level

Especially for women, there are many different reasons to have change mood in a sudden. Here are some symptoms of emotional change relate to the low estrogen level in your body.

  • Low Self-Esteem

It might seem interesting at first but the fact is that low estrogen levels can cause a sense of low self-esteem in your daily life, which has surely some influence on your social relationships with your close friends and family members. The reason is that the decrease of estrogen in the body might damage and destroy neurotransmitters.

Those neurotransmitters have an important role in chemicals affecting your mood and behavior, such as dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine.

That is why if your chemicals have been affected by the low level of estrogen, they will not your mood, and emotions anymore in a good way.

  • Anxiety

The lack of estrogen level is also related to anxiety. If you have unbalanced estrogen levels as a woman, you might understand what I mean here better.

It is possible to experience poor concentration as it is connected to the hormone-related anxiety issues. Moreover, you may also experience different scenarios when it comes to physical symptoms: difficulty sleeping, varying severity of hot flashes and night sweats, episodes of extreme emotional swings.

There are some women stories which tell that this problem might cause panic attacks. It is because the loss of estrogen in the body wreaks havoc with their sense of confidence thought processes and ability to remember.

You should be careful not to face those kinds of sceneries, I am sure nobody wants to end up with this. because of the lack of estrogen level.

  • Depression

Lastly, the estrogen level is associated with depression because of its effects on neurotransmitters and receptors in the brain. Those receptors that are supposed to create a feel-good emotion aided by serotonin might not work because of the hormonal imbalance.

In fact, estrogen also enhances norepinephrine activity inside the brain. It is vital to stabilize and improves mood and a sense of well-being but when you have the low levels of estrogen, it means you have the opposite effect on your body, which will take you nightmares because of depression and the feelings of sadness.

Natural Remedies for Regulating Your Hormones

If you have an optimal level of estrogen, it is sure that it will help to grow full thick hair.

Here are some natural remedies for regulating your hormones including estrogen so that you can an optimal levels of estrogen and satisfy with your hair growth.


When it comes to the hormonal balance, daily eating diet is so crucial. You should have healthy food in your meals, not junk food or unhealthy foods.

Eating leafy vegetables are one of the good options. For instance, there are some foods like chia and flax, that are so popular nowadays, for you. There are important in terms of binding toxins and then pulling moisture into the stools. By doing so, it provides easy to pass.

Apart from that, you should consume a variety of fruits containing many Vitamins. Fruits are significant because of the fact that they have high potential to help bulk stool and support elimination.

Please do not forget that having a healthy diet is very important for your biologic functions including hormonal balance. Not only for your physical and biological conditions, but also your psychological situation is strongly connected to your diet.

Optimal Elimination

The reason why we can this part into consideration is about this is a necessity for hormonal balance.

For example, Adequate fiber, water intake, and liver support are necessary for proper clearance. Otherwise, when you have a lack of those kinds of food intakes, you would be unable to eliminate excess hormones from our system.


Needless to say, water is a part of our life that we can not separate even one day. Although there are many people who claim that they are okay without drinking so much water during the days, it is not arguable that it is very dangerous for your health.

When it comes to hormonal balance, water again is very cruel in terms of its function that is for proper hydration and moves stool through the intestine. In fact, you would have many problems when you drink water less than the optimum level.

For instance, when you are dehydrated, this might cause to constipation as our bowels become dry and are unable to function with ease, which is associated with hormonal imbalance and estrogen level affecting your hair level.

Liver Support

Liver support is another one as natural remedies for regulating your hormones including estrogen.

Liver support eliminates unneeded wastes from the body. That means the liver has the function on everything by being broken our all food intake down into water-soluble by-products.

Thus, they can be moved into the intestine and pulled into the stool for elimination. There are some foods as a supporter of the liver detox pathways. They can be listed as some cruciferous vegetables such as kale, broccoli, collard greens, and lemon.

Apart from cruciferous vegetables, there are some herbs functioning as the liver detox pathways. For example, milk thistle, dandelion root, and burdock root are some of those helping to support liver cleansing.

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